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Bays mtn lake

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by killeroy154, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    It was a nice evening on the city park lake of Bays Mountain. Putting in the canoe 7e546c04b3ddfcd93167eda2881a3a10.jpg some scenery e60a9b8cfb92f38c3df611aefc828b5a.jpg 5577e8ea2fe4920b598a2f0eb0f3be37.jpg There is no swimming allowed here, unless you flip the canoe ha. Once a month members are allowed to canoe or kayak on the lake. They only let 15 water craft on the lake for that day, which today was the most I ever seen, I counted 14 boats. We lined up to wait for the beavers to show themselves 68fb6fc6b673ade9186387f8e8ecfcff.jpg a deer walked out on top of the Beaver den. I wondered if that deer was a beaver killer or something? a81766ec725029da9c6d322a02933b5d.jpg got to keep an eye out for my totem buddies 8cd1a27aba0f0290d38d202b61654713.jpg Of course I had to keep an eye on my wife. She was trying to jump in for a swim 001de250cc33dc7740d7c4c53a977708.jpg more scenery c2c610716e866a58091a39903da42add.jpg 9e2e4859699f0759a62023d88d500609.jpg 627eadfdd7ab0ac767d00cf991252cfb.jpg 20da9163f8cf8163adfe2727ffc5a4be.jpg oops yeh that be my big ole feet. The underside of these little lily pads had some pretty designs fc37be9ab0054c089d9d71ea06627e9d.jpg we ended the evening with Ranger Ron getting the gray wolves to howl for us.
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