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Bringing a gun

Discussion in 'Other Camping' started by Alexandoy, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Survivalist

    What can you say on the issue of bringing a gun when camping? Guns are used for protecting ourselves but are we comfortable in knowing that some of the campers in the area have their guns too? What happens when there is a quarrel between 2 groups whose members are all armed with guns? Maybe that is the rationale why they ban guns in the camping area although there are some camping areas that have no rangers or guards to check on the campers.
  2. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    I try to stay clear of this issue because of the reaction some people may have if I voice my opinion on this. Oh well here goes, but I don't mean to offend or insult anyone.

    I can think of only 2 reasons why someone feels they have to have a hand gun with them when they go camping.

    #1 is they are afraid. Fear of getting attacked or robbed. Solutions are to avoid those areas which a little Internet research can help you out. If the area looks bad go somewhere else. If you are already set-up and some rough people move in next door, and you feel they may come over and do you, or a loved one harm, pack your stuff and get out. It's not worth it unless you want to stay and invite a reason for confrontation, and then the out come will not be good for either party.

    #2 is it makes a person feel empowered. A false sense of being able to conquer your made up scenarios.

    Let's see, things that can and probably will happen if you pull a gun and squeeze the trigger. The person you just shot is dead. Most all people, that have a conscience, are going to 2nd guess the situation, and are going to feel that they acted in haste, and that maybe the death could have been avoided. You will have regrets. You will be wondering who or what family members this person had, and was this person really evil and deserved to die at your hand. Physiologist are very expensive, and you will need one.

    Ok. Another scenario. You are attacked by a big mean bear that is going to maul you to death! Most bear attacks are very close range, so good luck getting that pea shooter pulled out and pumping a couple of bullets into a charging bear, provided you can hit it when your shaking in your shoes and loading your drawers. Oh and if you do hit the bear, you will never know because it will maul you to death before it's brain registers that it has been shot. If your going to be in bear country get proper training.

    As far as slithering and other critters, they are trying to get away from humans.

    Have fun backpacking with that extra weight and bulk on you. Better hope you don't accidentally squeeze a round off while it is in your pocket or holstered.
  3. Everyone is entitled to their individual opinions, and they go both ways and even sometimes ricochet when guns are the hot topic.

    Personally, I carry a firearm all the time, and not just when camping. You could call it an occupational hazard.

    For those worried over bears, that insist on having a gun, I would suggest that you carry a gun of appropriate caliber, albeit heavier firearm for your pack.

    Plenty of bear attacks have been successfully thwarted by a firearm, probably more so in Alaska. Bear spray, blowing whistles and ringing bells have thwarted probably even more.

    My opinion, as long as you are legally able, morally responsible, properly trained and safe, go ahead bring your gun.

    Just remember that it's a huge responsibility and there are repercussions that occur, even if you are in the right. You should take those into consideration prior to bringing your gun.

    If the reasons are machoism, bravadism or to just so you can look cool then are you are setting yourself and possibly others up for failure.

    I don't recall too many camper vs camper confrontations that resulted in gunbattles. However, I do recall a hiker that was in a national forest out west that was confronted by armed illegal marijuana growers several years ago. I don't recall any more details other than the hiker was armed also and that no one was shot.

    Personnaly, I am more concerned about the potential for a criminal encounters to and fro my camping destination then bears or drunks crashing my campsite in the woods or even at a state park late at night. I also don't live in Alaska where bears have killed two people recently.

    Avoidance, if possible will ALWAYS be the best course of action whether up against a nefarious person or hungry bear.

    Noting good wil come out of setting up your campsite next to a bunch of Hells Angels drinking Budweisers and throwing firecrackers on their campfire.

    Attacking poisonous snakes on the other hand, well those are best reserved for your trusty machete, as most would probably miss and might end up with ricochet your bullet into your own eye.

    Safety first.

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