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Camp Site Lighting...

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Northern Dancer, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    What's the rationale for Camp Lighting?
    The technology is there and it is not expensive.
    That's why.

    At base camp [that is the drive to location] I've had motion lights for years because I find them convenient at night when there is no campfire burning. For those of you who have young children camping with you they can be a safety measure for the young ones and maybe a bit of security for you.

    There are *three types of lighting I use at the moment. :bear: Baden Bear says that Norther Dancer is always on the lookout for practical camp equipment.

    The biggest investment was my Goal Zero 10 Escape Pack that permits lighting in the tent. [Or any other place.] I can also hook up a small radio, use a DVD on a long rainy day or read a good book at night while the snow is hammering my tent. The system can be used for other things including a lab top computer for the writers in the crowd. The battery is recharged by the power of the sun - solar power.


    This is the model that I use though there are other models including ones for those who backpack. I have four lights.
    There are other models on the market -
    check them out, do the research and select what is best for you.

    I use a powerful BEAMS motion light that operates on four D batteries. A powerful device, I keep it hung in the kitchen area for night time cooking. This thing functions like a mini spot light and brightens up the area considerably.


    The next motion lights that I use at base camp and on canoe trips is a small but very excellent it. (by Innovative Technology) light. It uses three AAA batteries and has proven to be very helpful. I have two of these and I was sorry that I didn't buy more at the time.


    These are really good though you might not find them on the shelves anymore. No fear - they probably have developed better technology by now.

    Did you notice the * ? That's just to indicate I also have lanterns, candles and top quality flashlights [one Goal Zero solar power]. Did I say I have a headlight too?

    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQpW6Zo1JNXPTRyrIa6d9p8h1skw5UfJ8MaxQJ0d9Ngw-mlKjwH.jpg ...I sure am!
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