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Carpentry Stuff

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by campforums, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    As the result of some posts by @Northern Dancer I decided to open up this to share any random things you've made out of wood. Here is a simple tray I made a while ago that I have in my house:

    IMG_20150401_161235.jpg IMG_20150401_161244.jpg IMG_20150401_161255.jpg
  2. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman Explorer

    Oh nice! this looks great, I should make something out of Wood too :) never made more then a sword ..haha
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  3. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Yeah it can be lots of fun because it is much easier working with wood than it is with metals and then when you're done shaping and constructing it you can sand it and put some varnish on it and it will look quite nice :)

    Did your sword come out well?
  4. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman Explorer

    Well, i quess it was quite good ;-)
  5. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    Fabulous! I certainly don't have your skill; all I know is how to use a hammer and saw.

    On those cold winter nights I make furniture, gadgets, totems and such for the summer. Here are two pieces I made for my tent.


    This is a night stand that I put together. I picked up the Loon at Value Village for a $1.99. Just underneath is a round light [from dollar] store that serves as a night light.


    The plaque was a gift from a friend - it says, "THIS IS THE ROOM YOU WANT". I carved the in print. I have a hook at each end to hang stuff at night.


    Of course I have to have a bear on it somewhere - one is located on both sides.


    This is a bed lamp I made. Yep...I got the duck for 99 cents. The light is one of the round ones from Dollar Store - I think they are $2.00 and the candle holder is a used fruit cup can. The base I got on sale at Michel's because I don't have the tools or skill you do. The picture is from I trip I made at Kiosk Algonquin.

    It's great fun and I've always liked the fresh scent of cut wood. :)
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  6. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    That was pretty much I used as well and then maybe some sand paper.

    I like how you did the bear print carving, did you just use a regular knife for that?
  7. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    To do the bear print carving - traced it out, gently indented around the the pattern using a carving knife from a kit that I received as a gift, then I used a Dremel mandrel [another gift] to rough it out, then shaved it with a spooner knife, smoothed it a bit with a small size Dremel sander. Then I used regular sandpaper to sand it down to give it a natural imprint look.
  8. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Sounds like quite a big of work, what about to get the dark color? Did you have to use a stain or something or it looks like you could have even burned that pattern into the wood.
  9. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    It more the lighting - I use clear gloss - the indoor outdoor stuff. It works well.

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  10. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Cool, hopefully some others will have things to share
  11. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist


    ...that would be really great - I'm always open for new ideas.

    BMWPOWER Moderator Staff Member

    Some Talented people you guys are.

    Here is a Dog house I made (for my dog):

    2011-08-20 16.45.59.jpg 2011-08-20 16.46.15.jpg 2011-08-20 16.46.33.jpg
  13. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Haha, nice it looks like he is really enjoying it in there. The windows are a nice touch.
  14. Jason76

    Jason76 Novice Camper

    I'm wondering how much cheaper it is to make your own wooden things rather than hire someone else to do it? What are the best places to find wood and other stuff to work on projects? Do you know any YouTube channels with carpenter's tips?
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2017
  15. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    Hi Jason:

    ...that's a bit of a difficult question. My skill [there are other members of the Camping Babble community who have great skills] is not much more than a saw, hammer, a few nails, some sand paper and glue AND an idea.

    I just finished a fold down kitchen table with sink, place for a stove, a work space and a centre pole to hang a lantern. With the hardware and careful shopping the project cost me $50.00 and change.

    So...what's cheap? Sometimes I window shop in places. I'll go over to Rona, Home Depot, Lowe's, or who ever and check out the wood prices for the type of project I have in mind. There a places around town that throw out scrap - sometimes that is all I need. Your skill and imagination will set the tone. :)
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