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Christmas Gift Suggestions for the Campers in your Life

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by campforums, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    With the holidays right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to open a discussion on what gifts people are getting for the campers in your life. Did you get a request for a certain gift? Or are you good at picking out gifts on your own?

    For my brother who is a chef and loves the outdoors, I have gotten him a cook book for preparing camping food. It has an entire section on non-perishable snacks as a well as BBQ/campfire foods.
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    BMWPOWER Moderator Staff Member

    Haha so basically you bought a present for yourself, he cooks, you eat.

    Interested to see what other gift ideas there are
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  3. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Haha, something like that. I got him a T-shirt with a slogan/picture he likes on it as well.

    BMWPOWER Moderator Staff Member

    I bought my sister a portable Power bank rated at 5200mAh to keep whatever she needs charged.
  5. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Nice, hopefully she isn't reading this :eek:
  6. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    Although, Christmas has come and gone I found the perfect camping gift for @MacGyver. Since he believes in fixing things up good and proper with strong repair and lasting effects I thought the best gifts would be duct tape to the rescue.

    Lets repair is his hammock, and waterproofing his hiking shoes.

    and of course canoe repair

  7. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    I'm sure all of the repair items listed in his signature would make great gifts :p
  8. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman Explorer

    I bought my camping buddy this thing where you can "save" energy and load up your smartphone when u r on the treck. I know... it is not like it would not have a purpose for me neiterh... ;)
  9. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    I went to SAIL and drooled for thirty minutes or so; then drove over to Tim Horton's and had a coffee.
  10. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Sounds similar to the power bank @BMWPOWER bought his sis'
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