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Continuing Tent Saga (Winter?)

Discussion in 'Shelter' started by missyify, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. missyify

    missyify Survivalist

    Our tent has been taking a beating. Looks like we may have to get a new tent for the whole family and I might scratch my former idea of getting a smaller instant tent.

    I have a couple of ideas of what would be a more suitable replacement for our old family tent, but there is a pending issue I've been mulling over that might effect our purchase- Winter.

    This most recent trip, the tent was like a sauna since it leaked (it has holes) and then daytime temps were high but also so humid that nothing dried!

    I'm curious what the options are for both kinds of weather...

    We are planning on going snowboarding this winter. My littlest does not do well in hotel rooms, he turns instant tomato. So camping has been the natural answer for ditching hotel rooms. I've never been camping in winter.

    Summer may not be as big of a deal since we will probably stick to the mountains from now on.

    Anyway, my questions would be how do you manage heat or cold in your tent? Are there any specific tents that handle both well? Or are there any special features to look out for?

    Thanks :)
  2. I know your post is old, but I'll share with you what works for me.

    None of this equipment would if you are backpacking- too heavy and bulky.

    Jeep Camping - We are a family of four, with a sometimes tag-a-long golden retriever. I also needed space for all of our gear and being 6'1", prefer to be able to stand in the tent to change etc.

    Comfort has been a priority especially while sleeping, otherwise everyone wont want to camp again.

    So we chose a Kodiak Canvas 10 X 14 Flexbow tent.

    For comfort/warmth I use a PahaQue tent rug on the floor which is nice and the dog seems to agree as he has yet to complain and is the first asleep.

    Warmth - well you need it have proper sleeping bags and mattresses underneath to keep you cozy - all depends on your climate, you can get real crazy there.

    Disc-o-bed cots fashioned together as bunks, Thermarest Dreamtime mattresses and various Slumberjack sleeping bags.

    Heat - we use Mr. Buddy propane heater. Although it's approved for "indoor use" I ventilate the tent and turn it off while we sleep. I got tired of changing out the expensive green propane cylinders so I opted for a 10 pound tank and hose attachment which lasts for a 3 night trip with gas left over.

    While we certainly have camped in cold weather and had snow etc, it was never below 20°F thus far.

    This tent gives us enough room, creating an aisle in the middle for a table and to sit, play games etc.

    Not the best pictures, but hopefully gives you some perspective.



    Plenty of room for Goal Zero charging station, fan, buddy heater and table


    Bunk cots


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