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Coon Den Falls

Discussion in 'United States' started by killeroy154, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    I was off for 3 days this weekend so we tried to enjoy it. Went to Coon Den Falls Saturday morning near Watauga lake in east tn. 8c6b678049698498a8fc2d1ae0575d74.jpg We haven't hiked in this area before, so this was our first time. We stopped at a hostel, where thru hikers on the Appalachian trail could stop for the night, and asked directions to the falls. The young person was a hiker and was very helpful. I thought it would take a couple of hours to get to the falls, but I guess with the scenery and excitement of being in the mountains again, we covered ground quicker than I realized. 5389f282c906a868fbdeb36f13ee5f0a.jpg 75379821e81ab3a27b5cd6bf025093b9.jpg e8c9ef8ad4e34d34a352069041634304.jpg Vein of quartz in the rock a2688afbde0a3793ecf7d39451f18262.jpg my staff is almost 6 feet long. Since the hike went faster than we thought, we hiked a few off shoot trails. These grape vines are something to behold. They start when the tree is your and then follow the tree up as it grows. 4fa628455346017e215493db8d505996.jpg 8e7d0cd7a0c116e664ee9470c8717ce9.jpg some of these may be muscadine grape vines, but the grapes are so high in the trees that only the critters can get to them. We followed a stream back looking at the scenery. 6bdf4792e88cc7e7177a25df0df11a32.jpg 16f8b33f2fed033291fe88e6609fd988.jpg Is this Indian paint brush? 64dff11afa31c6b1ced84c53df3608f9.jpg

    We stopped at the lake before going home. The Appalachian trail runs across the dam and continues north, North is looking right in the pictures, to Damascus VA. 3d7615f63336ffebebb34f125453156a.jpg ce7cf9f8f68b8848be6c4d8c4b2925cf.jpg There are more trails to waterfalls in that area. Maybe we explore another one in a couple of weeks.
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