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Dirt Bikes on the trail

Discussion in 'Trails' started by MrX, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. MrX

    MrX Newbie

    Do you own a Dirt Bike..I used to own a Suzuki Showgun..with bullet tries which was fun the only thing was I never really took It on a dirt track :( as I never got a chance..and by the time I got the chance my bike was scrap :( so have you taken ur bike with u on the mountains?
  2. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    I prefer to use a mountain bike instead, there is nothing more satisfying then the exhaustion you get afterwards from a day of pedaling.
  3. Norrwen

    Norrwen Newbie

    I love to dirtbike on trails. It's great not having to bike them instead.
  4. Pzula

    Pzula Newbie

    I've never taken a dirt bike on mountains. I'd much rather use a mountain bike, because it's better suited and provides a better exercise.
  5. ps3fanboy

    ps3fanboy Newbie

    i had a honda 85cc big wheel and use to ride it on track days. i would have rather have ridden it out in the wild as i did so in Arizona when i went atving. that was incredible. what id like to do in Spain is just hire one of them cross bikes cant remember what theyre called (off road and on road bikes) and just cross deserts, rocky mountains and roads as I go from north to south. camping along the way, oh yes this is the life.
  6. R. Zimm

    R. Zimm Newbie

    Each state and camping area will have differing rules on ATV's and dirt bikes for various reasons. Some may have a requirement that the muffler include a spark arrestor to prevent fires. These days, fewer and fewer places allow gas powered trail vehicles so check around and you should be able to find an ATV/Dirt bike friendly spot to have some fun.
  7. Foster

    Foster Newbie

    I have never rode a Dirt Bike on trails. I have rode it in the dirt. What is the difference?
  8. davbonpol13

    davbonpol13 Newbie

    I had a Suzuki 90 growing up, it was a blast! We used to go to a place in Florida called The Crooms! This place had it all, from trail riding to flats with whoopties! It was always a great day at The Crooms!
  9. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    I'm not all that fond of dirt bike, but I do long a good mountain bike. Part of that of course is that very few places have restrictions on bikes, but lots and lots of places have issues with motor bikes. Environmental damage and all of that.
  10. Francy

    Francy Newbie

    We just got back from a camping trip which we took our dirt bikes. It was beautiful in the mountains and awesome to "bee bopp" around with our dirt bikes. We took a few trails and covered some ground. It was so fun! We saw a moose and some beautiful country. We live in Wyoming where there are many mountain ranges and beautiful scenic trails with creeks and streams and lakes! Dirt biking is definitely something we love to do while we're camping. My husband has been riding for years. I however, am a amateur who is learning but I love it. I can't wait until our next venture to the mountains where we can take the bikes and cover some more ground!
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