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Do you clean up trails?

Discussion in 'Trails' started by Esperahol, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    On another forum I visit a discussion came up about trails that had been neglected and whether people cleaned or just ignored the damaged. I was one of the people who take a bit of time to clean up here and there. Interestingly enough there were more than a few people who were fine with leaving it all be.
  2. Jessi

    Jessi Novice Camper

    It depends.

    On one hand, yes, if I see something, I tend to pick it up. There are a couple exceptions, though:

    1. If I have no where to stash it quickly and I'm going to be hiking for a while still, then I don't pick it up....especially if it's covered in mud and obviously been there a while.

    2. It can be really, really frustrating to me to see so much trash. So if I've already picked some up, sometimes it will start upsetting me when I see more and more. At that point, I will often ignore it entirely and try not to even look at the ground any more.
  3. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Do you mean litter, like broken bottles and left over food or things like broken stones and soil erosion? I probably wouldn't pick up someone else's trash to be honest.
  4. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    If its litter or garbage, yes I pick it up.
    If the trail needs upkeep, then I'm not really the person to do it because I'm not handy and such.
  5. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    I tend to clear trails of debris and litter. I find it both irritating and dangerous to do otherwise. Due to me being the way I am, I tend to carry trash bags and heavy duty work gloves. So it isn't a big thing for me really. I can understand why others wouldn't though.
  6. Johnny

    Johnny Newbie

    I often pick up trash if I'm on the return journey and it's a fairly short distance back. I also clear anything that's a dangerous hazard to others.
  7. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Good job making it better for everyone else! :D

    But I think to repair actual damage from erosion and normal use, you need some type of tools

  8. Johnny

    Johnny Newbie

    You would need some special tools and equipment and a very strong back :D They do a very good job of keeping it safe for us all though.
  9. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    Good on you. I don't know why more people don't because really someone can get seriously hurt due to folks ignoring hazards.
  10. TabithaW

    TabithaW Newbie

    Yes, yes, yes. We always carry trash bags and pick up soda bottles, candy wrappers, and such. Sometimes we make it a game to see who can get the most trash. It motivates the kids to move faster. LOL. I don't know why anyone would toss a soda bottle out on a nature trail. It's disheartening.
  11. Junkbots

    Junkbots Newbie

    All of the trails I frequent aren't very popular because of the overgrowth. There's nothing I love more in a trail than a healthy challenge. Jumping and climbing makes the hike much more interesting for me. Most folks who feel this way are avid hikers with a respect for nature so I'm lucky not to have to see much litter.
  12. lindsay365

    lindsay365 Newbie

    It is a little bit weird picking someone else's trash is that is what you mean. As for my own trash, i will do my best to dispose it. For instance, I always carry a lighter to light some fire. I use this to burn anything that can be burned before leaving the camp site" i am always careful not to leave any burning fires! I use water to put the fire out when am done disposing burning the waste. This gives me confidence that I wont be the one damaging the environment. It also reduces my luggage home!
  13. shaneparkins

    shaneparkins Newbie

    One of the groups I follow actually have dedicated days (with volunteers) for going back to repair damage, they also make sure people who go there tidy up after themselves, it's not fair spoiling it for other people to enjoy, I don't want to save the planet but I think it's just rude not to tidy up your mess.

    It will come back as next year they want to come back it will be closed due to litter problems - Please guys, tidy your mess up :) I'm sure most of the members on here do anyways. In regards to me actually doing it - If i'm close to a bin or on my way back I'll take out a bag and just fill it, to be honest I've not seen that much litter to places I have been.
  14. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    I appreciate you dedicating your time to something that benefits us all as outdoors people. Do you have the name of that organization by any chance?
  15. R. Zimm

    R. Zimm Newbie

    I can't imagine leaving any of MY mess in the wilderness but as far as picking up someone else's I don't know what I'd do. I have never seen a whole lot of debris anywhere on a trail but I've picked up the odd piece when I come across it.
  16. CampAllDay

    CampAllDay Newbie

    Sometimes, it depends.
  17. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    I have cleared up paths with some basic tools I had in my truck. I also pick up trash along trails to ensure it stays clean for others to use. The economy has surely made a shortage of people to keep up these trails overall.
  18. Kementarri

    Kementarri Newbie

    If I am on a trail and I see garbage and I have a place to stash it while I am hiking then I will pick it up. However, if I see a lot of trash, then I will pick up what I can and will leave the rest. Not everyone is able to pick up all of the trash on the trails, but I do think that every hiker who sees it should try to pick up at least 1-5 pieces if they can... it's every hiker's job to make sure that they are keeping the trails clean and in good use.

    Although I usually hike/camp in provincial parks where littering is just a no no, and of course the park is usually impeccably clean.

    I can understand why people don't want to pick up other peoples trash, but at the same time... we should all help out our environment.
  19. Anons123

    Anons123 Newbie

    No way I would love to help clean up a. Trail but I'm never using one
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