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Favorite Camp fire snack

Discussion in 'Food' started by campforums, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    I was wondering what people like to eat when they're having a cookout and maybe I'll get some new ideas. Personally I think nothing beats classic smores but I'm open to suggestions! :D
  2. Recreational

    Recreational Newbie

    Despite the massive cliché that marhsmellows on a stick are, they never seem to turn out right for me? Either burned, melted like plastic and tastes like burnt plastic too :dodgy:

    Smores are great, I also like to do put some jacket potatoes in foil into the fire and that will cook them, after the cool a bit you can eat them with your hands and it's a pretty easy snack.
  3. Toxique

    Toxique Newbie

    Like what many people would say smores, however I also like roasted hotdogs or weenies around a camp fire.
  4. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    I always manage to burn one end of the hot dog while the other one remains raw... :dodgy:
  5. robertson123

    robertson123 Newbie

    I like to cook on a portable gas stove that i would take with me on my camping trip with a frying pan and a sauce pan ill cook eggs sausages with a tin of beans loverly you cant go wrong:p
  6. Naiwen

    Naiwen Newbie

    thins, crackers for me, or Ftw eh? Or right?
  7. stiflex

    stiflex Newbie

    My most favorite camp fire snack just has to be burgers (lol).

    I usually pack loads of them, and while my folks are eating marshmallows (which are also delicious)
    I keep stuffing myself with big juicy burgers! :)
  8. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    OMG YES! Camp fire burgers are delicious, but how do you usually cook them?

    Do you have a portable gas grill or do you bring along a grill to place over your fire?

    Last edited: Nov 1, 2014
  9. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    Smores are okay, but I can't have more than one. I prefer to just eat the chocolate :)
  10. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Haha, not a fan of the marshmallows and cookies? The trick is to have everything melted without burning it.
  11. Malachi

    Malachi Newbie

    I prefer things that can be roasted to the sweetness of smores. I love taking chunks of pepperoni or hard salami and roasting them over a campfire, or making biscuits on a stick. Smores are good but they're just too much. I'd rather have that juicy salty flavor.
  12. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    I've never roasted pepperoni, this sounds like something my boys would LOVE!!!!
  13. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    I love vension sausages over an open fire, but I will settle for trout stuffed with mushrooms. Also rabbit haunchs buried under the fire.
  14. floridawdw

    floridawdw Newbie

    My new favorite food over a campfire is carne asada, essentially grilled meat. However, the fire gives it a great flavor. The meat can be cut up and made into little tacos. The best way I have eaten then meat was with Doritos chips. The snack-size bag of Doritos was cut in half, a spoonful of meat was scooped on top. Then we added typical taco toppings like cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. It was inventive and delicious!

    I have also had smore's with a peanut butter cup in place of the Hershey's chocolate. That was also delicious.
  15. Norrwen

    Norrwen Newbie

    Alot of people say this, but I love hot dogs and smores. I know it sounds kind of cliche, but yes. Another thing would be freshly hunted meat or fish cooking over a campfire with a little bit of seasoning.
  16. GSBryce

    GSBryce Newbie

    Smores, Hotdogs, and ice cold beer! Nothing beats that! So unhealthy, but I only camp once in a while so I let myself indulge a little. Also clean up isn't too hard when you're done eating either :)
  17. Foster

    Foster Newbie

    I usually don't go camping, but when we first did, we brought made smores. I had to use sticks to light the fire.
  18. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    We call these walking tacos, and we also make them with fritos.
  19. ACSAPA

    ACSAPA Newbie

    Sweet potatoes are also good cooked in foil. I'm a fan of Korean dramas and I saw a couple on a drama that was camping in the mountains and they roasted some sweet potatoes in foil and ate them with their hands. I decided to try it, although American sweet potatoes are different from Asian ones. It was really good. It's hard to mess up sweet potatoes, they're a very forgiving vegetable. In the past, I've forgotten I was baking one and left it in the oven a little too long, the inside still tasted great.
  20. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    I tend to just bury them under the fire and let them roast. This frees up space for roasting trouts, vension, those vension sausages I brought along, shiskabobs.... Yeah.
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