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Favorite camping locations

Discussion in 'United States' started by Emiliana72304, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. What are some of your favorite camping spots? My family did a lot of tent camping when I was growing up and often headed to a National Park for a week or so during the summer. My parents were careful to choose a campground that was either tents only or at least no electric hook-ups so that we didn't have to deal with generator noise or bright lights. I've never tried the "just got set up a tent somewhere" type of camping. I'm fine with not showering for a few days and cooking your own food and such...but I do like some kind of toilet, even if it's just a pit toilet that you have to hold your breath in!
  2. lorr

    lorr Newbie

    Hi, I just found this Site. We had a couple pop ups & just got a travel trailer. We like to go to Maumee Bay State Park. It is rather huge. Yes, I live nearby but I have talked to people that live in another city & they are sort of envious of us. It's in Ohio.
  3. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Hello lorr and welcome to the forums!

    What made those people jealous? Is Maumbee Bay one of the better campsites in your area? I know the US has a very good national parks system.
  4. NatureLover

    NatureLover Newbie

    When I was young my parents would take us camping every year as well. We spent a lot of time at different campsites all through Oregon and Northern California. My favorite campsite of all time has been Jedediah Smith Park in the Redwoods of Northern California. I could relax for weeks up there.

    However, when I got older I started taking my children to Yellowstone because it was closer to where we lived. Over the years I grew to love it as well, even though it has a completely different feel to it. The Redwoods are more lush and relaxing and everything seems close with the beaches near by. Yellowstone is more spread out and is fun if you see the park like a photography opportunity in capturing wildlife on film than to just sit and relax.

    I did live in the Black Hills of South Dakota for a couple of years with Mount Rushmore as the backdrop, and in camping in the parks of Hill City, which were very nice.

    Today, I live in Florida and I'm on the search for another National campsite to fall in love with.
  5. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Jedediah Smith Park sounds very nice, do you find that the heat is bearable in California during the summer or did you visit during another time of the year?

    As for Florida, when I've visited for vacation I've seen some nice camp sites located near the beach. There are probably just as many located inland but then what is the point of going to Florida, right?
  6. My family and i visited to Mammoth Lakes last summer, it was great fun. The place is simply amazing, great view and peaceful area. We loved it.
  7. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    When I was young my parents liked to take us on an extended camping trip down to Twin Lakes Campground, in Elk County, PA. We also liked camping at Cooks Forest State park and a little spot of the beaten trail in Clear Creek State Park. Some of these areas are in timber rattlesnake country and so you must always be on the look out for a wandering snake.

    We often took trips through, New York State, to various State Parks, as my dad was an avid fisherman and always liked trying out a new creek or river. One spot we went to had this big old swinging bridge across the river and if you walked out on it you could see the big pike and muskies, swimming in the river below. I was just a young girl at that time and was scared of the swinging bridge. Having my brothers jumping on it and shaking it did not improve my enjoyment of the bridge if I was half-way across.
  8. pinsmatt

    pinsmatt Newbie

    Living in Northern California, I'm a bit biased; I don't have to go far to find a California State Park of different amenities. For my money, MacKerricher State Park, three miles north of Fort Bragg, California, is the best for ease of camping. There are 143 developed sites, with 20 sites within a single loop that are reserved for tents only and generators are forbidden there. There are hot showers (most of the time) and flush toilets. With ten miles of coastline, MacKerricher has a lot of pretty easy walking locations. If you are looking for something a bit more remote, Westport-Union Landing State Beach, thirteen miles north of MacKerricher, is a self-register campground with no running water and only pit toilets. The view, however, is a million dollar view and you can't get much closer to the ocean unless you fell in.
  9. ctechguy

    ctechguy Newbie

    One of my favorite places to visit in Maine is Baxter State Park. It has 209,000 acres in area and 10 campgrounds that offer wilderness experiences.

    There are no hot showers, electricity or running water in the park. There are certain cabins in a few campgrounds, that have natural gas lamps for use. Carry in, carry out.

    The communal outhouses are well kept, and canoes and kayaks are located at some of the campgrounds that are a dollar an hour to rent, using the honor system by putting your money in a box.

    They offer free day use for the citizens of Maine, a modest fee for others. Camping rates are extremely reasonable, but reservations can be hard to come by, depending on a variety of factors.

    Hands down, it's my favorite place, we go every year.
  10. Lanna

    Lanna Newbie

    We've been camping in the Adirondack region of upstate NY. There are no pit toilets, so you have to dig yourself one. It's not too bad though! I love camping by the water because it makes the no showering thing seem a little easier. That whole region is just beautiful. It will always be my favorite place to camp. There's something about being that isolated from everything that just totally refreshes your whole being.
  11. lorr

    lorr Newbie

    Maumee Bay State park is vey large, lovely & clean too. Each time we go there we are satisfied. We just came home from Hues State Park campground in Mi. & were not real satisfied. When we got there I had to walk around the site & pick up the burnt paper that must have been burned the night before. My husband then had to get a shovel & scoop all the ashes out of the fire pit (& there was some sort of burnt metal (maybe a cooking rack)) in it (MB cleans after each visitor). My husb. visited the restroom & found there was no toilet paper. About Maumee Bay again: Most sites have a huge lawn. Last time we went, our son & friend came & set up a tent in the yard & still there was lots of room. And there are many trees.
  12. Sweetkymom

    Sweetkymom Newbie

    I live in an area where there are 5 state parks within 45 minutes of my house. The closest one is Jenny Riley state park and its 15 miles away. My family and I frequent these places and many others throughout the state. My all time favorite campground is Hannah Park in Florida.
  13. Profit5500

    Profit5500 Explorer

    I wish to go to Yosemite Park and camp there for the Summer. I heard its beautiful down there and the weather. It would be a learning experience being there to camp and all.
  14. CherylTorrie

    CherylTorrie Novice Camper

    One of my favorite places to camp is Reelfoot Lake in Northwest TN. Tenters are welcome but there are RV campers, also. If you get there on Thursday or Early Early on Friday you can usually get a lakeside site and just relax for the weekend. The lake was formed by an earthquake so it is only 5 to 6 foot deep in most areas but it's great fun just to canoe around the lilly pads and trees growing in the lake. Oh and the atmosphere is relaxing bordering on boredom so it's a great stress relieving trip.
  15. actadh

    actadh Pathfinder

    My favorite is Geneva State Park (Ohio) because of the excellent bike trail that runs from it and goes along the Lake Erie Shoreline.
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