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Favorite Snacks for Camping

Discussion in 'Food' started by Steph741, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Steph741

    Steph741 Newbie

    I am trying to get new ideas for snacks to eat during the day and in between meals. Something healthy would be a plus!
  2. shaneparkins

    shaneparkins Newbie

    I'm more of a Karl Pilkington - I just love them Monster Munch! If I'm too tired I'll stick with hotdogs, noodles or beans on toast.....a sucker for beans on toast!
  3. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    I like to snack on spam, hotdogs, or anything I can place on a campfire. Open fire cooking is really a great way to cook food and try the difference in taste over an open fire. The type of wood you use to cook with can make a difference in taste as well.
  4. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    When thinking of snacks on the trail, I like fast and easy things like sticks of beef jerky or cheese sticks, an apple or energy bar, dried fruit and nuts with homemade trail mix. Pumpkin seeds or granola. Lots of fresh cool water. I sometimes use a one person mountain house meal for a quick lunch time or snack time break. Other times I carry packets of bread, for a chewy snack.
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