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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by joker, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. joker

    joker Newbie

    What tools or what's the best kind of rock etc can we produce fire with?
  2. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    You're probably thinking of flint, although you might have a hard time scavenging around your camp site for some. I usually just bring matches or a lighter along with me.

    (Haha, lazy I know)
  3. joker

    joker Newbie

    Lol it's very helpful too. I mean you never know what might happen.
  4. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    I bring multiple forms of firestarting - vaseline coated cottonballs, lighters, matches, flint, etc. All it took was getting lost one time and catching a lovely case of frostbite. Thankfully I still have all my fingers and toes.
  5. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Vaseline coated cotton balls? What does that do, I've heard of anything like that before... I assume to keep it dry?
  6. charity

    charity Newbie

    I always make sure I have lighters and plenty of matches. I also bring along lighter fluid. You never know.
  7. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    The Vaseline balls are there as a kind of tender for the fire. Anything that helps works for me. I have issues with needing fire... especially in cold weather. So many flashbacks.
  8. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    Flint is one of many ancient methods of getting a campfire started. You can use flint to start a fire ,but I suggest to have a windproof lighter as backup just in case. Having more than one method of firestarting is wise will keep you safe. I suggest if you want to use more ancient methods of firestarting get alot of practice in first.
  9. Lita11

    Lita11 Newbie

    There is not any single type there. It depends upon weather conditions of that place. Such as in some places you may find more heat and in some places you may find winter season.
  10. Camp6

    Camp6 Novice Camper

    I have always carried my flint bar whenever I go out camping. It's compact size allows me to easily pack it on every adventure. I never worry about it getting wet since I can rub it and then use it instantly. It has a tungsten carbide striker built into the thumb button which allows simple one-handed operation.
  11. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    I bought one of those magnesium striker things last year. Haven't used it yet. I have always used wooden matches and lighters. I would probably freeze to death trying to light a fire with the magnesium thing. I need to learn to use it, or at least to see if I can start a fire with it, when I find it of course can't remember where I put it.
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