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First of Our 2014 Getaways

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Girl Camping Girl, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. DSCN4520.JPG

    It may be January, but that doesn't stop the urge to get out, get away, and get together--not for the Girl Camping Girls!

    So, when a bout of dry weather came along last week, three of us pulled the plug on everyday life and headed for the trailers we have parked for the winter at a low, snow-free spot on the Salmon River. This is our view as we descend from the colder, snowier zones up north.


    And here is our little enclave as seen from across the Salmon.


    We arrived, unlocked our trailers, turned the heaters on, and poured glasses of wine right away, even before the chill was gone inside. Happy! Campers!


    This is Miss Sherry's Outback, Pistol Pete. It's roomy enough for her to bring her kitty and her dog, Jada.


    Here we have Trigger Happy, Miss Mig's Hobo. (Pure coincidence about the trailer names both referring to firearms.)


    This is my 'tin can cabin,' dubbed Hacienda del Sol. It's a 1972 Airstream Land Yacht.


    This is her 'little captain,' G'Petto. He's a Schipperke, a breed developed as a boat dog.


    I have this fabulous '57 Aljo as my next-trailer-neighbor.


    Though it got down to the 20s at night, daytimes were sunny and pleasant enough for us to do some local exploring. This is about a mile or so downriver from our camping area, which is near the left end of the bridge.


    For most meals, we pooled our groceries and took turns cooking or putting out snacks and drinks. One of Mig's breakfasts consisted of scrambled eggs with fresh onions, on pitas topped with fresh avocado spread and strawberries on the side. Yum.


    One night, we went for a nice meal at the local small-town supper club. Sherry treated us…thanks again, Sherry!


    By chance, we happened to be on this trip when the moon was full. With clear skies, the nightly moonrises and moonsets were incredible. This is shortly before the moon dropped behind the divide that separates the Salmon and Snake rivers.


    One morning, the moon was lit by this aura as it slipped away from sight. It looked as bright as a sun. (That look was deceptive, however, as everything outdoors was covered in frost.)


    All we had to do to warm up was to go back inside our trailers--I sure didn't mind this view of the Salmon from the rear window of mine--or go stir up the campfire. No obligations and no worries.

    A fine four days!

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  2. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    Fabulous stuff and excellent pictures - thank you!
  3. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    Beautiful pictures of your campsite and trailers, puppy and views of the cliffs and mountains. Have you camped in that area before or was this a first time adventure in this spot? It is nice when camping can be done with several friends or neighbors, or even when the new people you meet end up becoming new best friends. I hope you will share more pictures and camping trips with us here on the forum. Thanks again!
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