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Forced Off The Main Trail

Discussion in 'Trails' started by 2sweed, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. whnuien

    whnuien Newbie

    I've tried using backpacking tent and that was when my friend and I got lost :D but in the end I decided to stick with hammock and mosquito net. I'm more expert into putting my hammock on than the backpacking tent to be honest. And it is much easier to protect myself from mosquito and other insects that way.
  2. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    Do you have any dangerous animals or reptiles you need to watch out for when your out hiking or camping? :eek::eek::)
  3. whnuien

    whnuien Newbie

    Oh yes, snake is a number one. It's a very normal thing if I see a small green, black, or stripy orange / black snake to suddenly cross my way and I'm not too sure which of them is actually more dangerous and poisonous. Scorpion and millipede are small creatures but very dangerous and they are everywhere in the jungle here in my country.

    I don't know if a monitor lizard is dangerous (since I've eaten it :D) but I would scream in shock if I encounter it. Wild boar is what I always wish to never appear on my way, it runs fast and probably no way to beat it without a gun :D

    We have lots of macaque monkeys too who travel in a big group, I've never been attacked but I can't imagine fighting with them because 2 hands versus 4 hands is impossible :D They steal your stuff and that's what I dislike about it.
  4. mett1982

    mett1982 Novice Camper

    Here in New York the rangers do an excellent work of clearing the trail. Personally, I have never been forced off a trail but I honestly think I would never deviate when the path. The trail marks are there for a reason and it could be extremely dangerous. Especially on a mountain. My brother and I were hiking on a mountain and we missed a trail mark and started going down this path that would of taken us down the mountain. Good thing a ranger was there clearing the paths that day to get us back on track.
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