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Galloping In For the 2013 Farm Chicks Campout

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Girl Camping Girl, Aug 16, 2013.

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    In Spokane, Washington, the first weekend of June is set aside for the massive and insanely popular Farm Chicks Antique Show at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds.

    Since 2009, some of the area's glampinistas also have taken over Riverside State Park, nearby, in order to camp together, go to the antique show, and get in some excellent girl time. Among the attendees, 'Farm Chicks' means the campout as much as it does the antique show. (Probably a copyright infringement, although it's guaranteed that Farm Chicks, the show, benefits immensely from the shopping dollars we spend while camping in its name!)


    Here is my trailer, Iron Pony (1972 Red Dale), set up for the occasion.


    Because I would be helping to decorate our common meal area, and also because flowers make me happy, I brought along potted plants and cut flowers from home. They stayed at my campsite when not doing their other duty.


    Here they as adornments for the LONG dinner table set for the first night's potluck dinner.


    Red petunias rock the red party shoes, or maybe it's the other way around. (The Prince Charming next to the red Cinderella shoes is vintage Hollywood cowboy Tom Mix, riding his iron pony.)


    Women traveled from several states to join in on our campout. One, who came from California, came over to my campsite with this pillow. She'd given it a ride all the way from a trailer rally in Pismo Beach, where a friend had seen it, thought of and bought it for me, and sent it along to Washington.( Is that not cool? Marcie and Elaine, you're the best.)


    So much went on over four days that I can't begin to get it all in one post. (This is Miss Jasmine, who surprised us all--on her first time to join in--by bringing and setting out 40 place settings of vintage china that she'd brought all the way from Seattle. WOW! This was one time when we did not mine doing dishes in the woods.)

    Since one post won't do, there will, of course, have to be more. So come back soon, or better yet, subscribe. You'll get to see more of what had one park user asking, 'Who ARE you people, anyway?!'


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