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Getting Started From Scratch

Discussion in 'Other Camping' started by Devichan, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Devichan

    Devichan Newbie

    My eight-year-old has recently started expressing a desire to camp. I love the idea - I first went camping at eight weeks myself - but I haven't been camping since the early 90s. We do have a tent, but we don't really have any other supplies.

    What would be your supply list to take on an 8-year-old's first camping trip? I'd ask my parents, but my Dad passed years ago and my Mom has had a stroke, so I don't know if her advice would be as solid.
  2. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    Hi there:

    First of all it is wise to go slow and let him get use to things - a two day weekend would be a good starter.

    So what is needed?

    It is the same for him that is for you.

    A warm sleeping bag - suitable for his age [don't get to cheap] in fact I recommend a youth or adult bag.
    A pillow from his bed.
    A sleeping pad.
    Appropriate clothing for warm and hot days. Remember evenings can be really cool.
    My practice is [if warm enough] shorts after breakfast, longs at supper and for evening.
    Swim suit and towel.
    Good out door shoes that provide support especially for hiking.
    If you are doing any kind of water stuff - cheap water shoes are good for safety.
    Flash light and whistle - get him use to standard safety practices.

    A back pack for personal items.
    Mess kit - plate, bowl, cup, eating utensils, and a weenie stick etc.

    When you are planning food items don't caught up with all things "snacky" you want good food - nothing worse than having a boy throwing up. Have lots of drinks, especially water for the hot days.

    These are just a few suggestions - ask a lot of questions - I will, along with the rest of the crew, do what we can to answer them. :)
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