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Discussion in 'Trails' started by Northern Dancer, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    Looking for some real gutsy hiking, fishing, and camping that gets the heart pounding? I'm talking about real outdoor adventure that captures the imagination and excites the spirit.

    Check out it out - go online and key in
    Hiking the Clearwater River of Alberta
    I could watch this for a fair chunk of time. Sort of makes my excursions at bit mundane.


  2. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    That looks like a blast! I'll be honest tho, after 4 or 5 days I'd probably wimp out and want my creature comforts of home. It is something pleasing to dream about.
  3. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    He is certainly out of my league - but I thought one day I might have done that. One of his videos has his white dog barking madly at the forest edge - a bear in the wilderness for sure. On one of his trips he had five dogs. One would have done me in. He has other adventures under the name Zold Outdoors.

    If I met up with him I would have a few suggestions from my personal experience. One thing for sure...I would encourage him to wear a life jacket just as an example to people who get caught up with his style.
  4. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    It's all gutsy and cool till you find yourself in a bad situation. I also don't want to be camping, hiking, fishing or just out enjoying nature, and walk up on a dead person.
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