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===> Guy's Outdoor Movies <===

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Northern Dancer, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    ...before we get started there has to be a lot of Gals Outdoor Movies and I hope there will be folks who contribute to that. :)

    Sometimes I get a hankering for guys outdoor movies.
    Nothing complicated, :confused: no language issues :wideyed:
    no murder and mayhem, :dead:
    and no watching some other guy's sex life. :stop:
    Just wholesome outdoor substance that has a story line,
    a plot and something that is possible.
    So...to get the projector rolling I like to start with these.....

    1 :peeking: The Cook And a Hole in the Wall 1995 - Youtube

    2 :peeking: Gunless 2015 - Youtube
    3 :peeking: The Last Trapper 2013 - Youtube
    4 :peeking: Kings of Summer 2013

    I've got more - but you must have some too!

    Tell us about them.

    1 upload_2017-1-31_20-55-34.jpeg 2 upload_2017-1-31_21-0-4.jpeg
    3 images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTqdttW9v4MItsuMru5RUni0ia9FdN53fVs5XbC4TTFpsGYGozSEg.jpg 4 images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRdZqkeFnltWJbormVw4t7aSYJgRjp5IAFeCEZPfM97qsRcncDH.jpg

    Sorry...I'm not giving the plot away. :)

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  2. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist


    Stunning scenes from Alaska. All outdoors, in case you haven't seen it, I won't say another thing. Definitely worth a peek.

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