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Have you ever willingly eaten insects?

Discussion in 'Food' started by Onatah, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Onatah

    Onatah Novice Camper

    My son spent a couple of months doing missions work in South Africa. While there, he was offered the opportunity to eat the Mopani worm (actually a caterpillar). He'll do, and eat, anything for a reaction so this didn't surprise me. They offered him a certificate if he ate one and he wanted the souvenir. Well, he said he actually liked it and ate five more after that one. He was thrilled they let him because I guess they can be an expensive delicacy there.

    I know I would eat insects to survive but to eat it just to say you ate one? I don't know. I used to think I'd like to try chocolate covered ants. After all, chocolate makes anything better, right? And ants aren't 'squishy'. Beyond that, I'm not sure if I could do it which is sad, really. I greatly enjoy a vast number of things that could be viewed as gross. I love shrimp; tasty little water maggots that they are. I also eat a good number of fish, which smell horrid and are slimy. As a hunter, I've enjoyed many forms of meat others wouldn't touch such as raccoon and porcupine. But bugs? Hmm... What say ye? Have you? Would you? Did you like it?
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  2. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    I can't say that I have, although I think I can recall a few strange kids eating bugs back in my elementary school days.
  3. Camp6

    Camp6 Novice Camper

    I like eating cricket biscuits. Crickets are rich in proteins and you can easily prepare them. If you feel that you can't eat them then consider mixing them with flour and then make some biscuits. You will need to dry them and then crush them into a fine powder which you will mix with flour.
  4. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    I think I would have to be really starving to eat live bugs or worms. The first tendency would be to gag. If you can get over that response then maybe just maybe the rest would go down a bit easier. lol Not sure i want to try it though. :rolleyes:
  5. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    These tobacco worms come to mind for some reason. Never realy ate one, but when someone accidentally, or at least they claimed they did, stepped on one and squished the ole green juicy guts at you, you may get caught with you mouth open. When cutting tobacco you have to grasp the stalk of the plant and sometimes you get a squishy green surprise between your fingers.
    The ole farmers here in Tennessee learned the 2 step dance when one of these dropped down in their overalls. You don't want to step to much or you might squish one of these dudes in the wrong place eeww. Roll em in a little batter and deep fry. Look like lime filled twinkie.
  6. gracer

    gracer Explorer

    OMG! I'm really wary when it comes to bugs and all sorts of insects. Just the thought of them makes my me feel so grossed. :eek: But I guess that if I put myself in a survival situation where the only choice I have is to eat bugs for me to be able to live, then maybe I would do it. But just like what has been stated in the OP, I would never eat insects just for the sake of saying that I have eaten one.
  7. camping

    camping Newbie

    I personally always just have plenty of energy bars with me. This ensures that I almost always do not have to rely on eating insects or anything moving.

    I usually have snickers along with me, which are both highly energetic and also pretty small and portable and do not increase the weight by a significant amount as well.
  8. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    Hello @gracer and @camping, welcome and glad to have you. Lots of good people on here with plenty of advice and good times.

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  9. gracer

    gracer Explorer

    Hi @killeroy154! :) Thank you so much for the warm welcome.

    Anyway, I just remembered when I was younger, we would usually spend a lot of time indoors because of frequent rains. Rainy season here is at its peak during the month of June and during this time, a lot of June Beetles come out. My dad who was also an outdoor enthusiast when he was younger showed me how to cook these beetles by simply frying them until they become crispy. He would eat them as is or together with some vegetables. I never tried tasting them though. I just couldn't force myself to eat bugs or insects.
  10. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    Yeah, I used to do some stuff like that to gross my daughter out to. She be about your age, I read your profile. I usually bring enough food so I don't have to forage for crawly meaty things.

    Rainy season? Where you from?

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  11. gracer

    gracer Explorer

    @killeroy154 Really? I could just imagine how your daughter reacted whenever she would see you do that. I always reacted looking so grossed at my dad. Lol! But those were some of the most memorable moments of my childhood years. I'm from the Philippines by the way. The rainy season here begins during the month of June until around September or October. At the beginning of the rainy season, beetles usually come out especially during night time because they get attracted to lights coming out from houses. :)
  12. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    @gracer. Philippines That is great! So far, if I remember correctly, we have people from Hawaii, South Africa, Canada, United States, Romania, Australia, and Great Britain.

    I am realy enjoying all this!

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  13. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    Now after reading all your posts I was just thinking on this subject and have to say on occasion I have eaten insects. The time or two was when I was in the middle of a recipe and lol and behold, my flour was buggy. Now since I lived in the country and the nearest store was 15+ miles away and the recipe was calling out for flour now, well I threw it in. After all I was going to bake those little buggers up and who could see them in the banana bread. Long as I did not reveal the extra ingredient no one was the wiser. Did I do this a lot. No! But once in a while I did till I learned to keep my flour in the freezer. That little trick keeps them from hatching out in the first place. o_O
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  14. ashley0323

    ashley0323 Novice Camper

    I have never willingly ate an insect. I do know that in some parts of the world it's a normal part of their eating habits. All kinds of worms and bugs are eaten daily there, I find it facinating. I wouldn't be able to stomach it though.
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