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How to plan and prep for a 30 Day Canoe Trip

Discussion in 'On the Water' started by EricBTTA, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. EricBTTA

    EricBTTA Novice Camper

    Hey guys, been an avid canoe tripper for quite some time and wanted to share a video with you all on how to plan for a 30 day backcountry canoe trip in the wilds if Temagami for the month of October. We covered a lot of ground, climbed a small mountain and did bunch of fishing. Ultimately it was an awesome experience and I highly suggest you guys give it a shot if you can find the time.

    - Cheers

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  2. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! So good to see @EricBTTA - and a refreshing post. My longest trip was exploring Red Pine Lake for fourteen days - I thought I was in heaven...and then we had to leave for home. I have a post on planning a canoe trip on Camping Babble but Eric's video was super great.

    I've had friends canoe in the Temagami Region [Nippising, Ontario] The inspiration and wonder of the area were brought to millions around the world in 1907 when Grey Owl arrived in Temagami. He was employed by Keewaydin (camp) as a guide, and later by the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests as a ranger. His subsequent books and extensive lecturing in Britain and the United States brought tremendous attention to northeastern Ontario and wildlife conservation.


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    "Northern Dancer"
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  3. EricBTTA

    EricBTTA Novice Camper

    Hey Northern Dancer thx for the input and that’s a beauty souris river canoe btw love it

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