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If You Call Them, Wild Animals Will Come

Discussion in 'Nature' started by 2sweed, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    The art of calling predator animals such as foxes or bobcats, or coyotes with mouth-blown calls or by playing recordings is a popular sport. Often pest or varmint hunters use this method to collect animals for bounties or furs, or just for shooting sport. But whether one hunts or not, calling wild animals can be a lot of fun as a new hobby. This method can also be used to aid in wildlife photography. However, be aware that when making noises that imitate injured rabbits or squeaks of mice, in louder sounds can cause predators to race to the sound expecting an easy meal. On occasion it is possible for a bear or cougar to appear on the scene which could be dangerous if your not prepared for this event.

    For the most part the predators you might attract would be hawks and crows, or owls, foxes or squirrels, coons or badgers,coyotes or bobcats. To call any predator, you must conceal yourself very well. Wearing camouflage clothing can help. Wind direction is the most important consideration as if there is a breeze, most predators will circle in to get the wind on the prey. If your not careful and the creature scents you it will flee. Still days and nights are best for calling. Try to get to your hiding place very quietly. Make a few low squeaks at first. Any animal that has not scented you might jump right out in the open. If after the first call nothing shows up, then call more loudly a few times. Once a predator is sighted call sparingly and with very low volume.

    If your trying for foxes or bobcats, or coyotes, or any other large predator stay in one spot for 15-20 minutes then move off a half mile away before trying again if your first call produces nothing. As I mentioned before be aware of what large predators may respond and be prepared to defend yourself if necessary. Always have a back-up plan, and let someone know where you are in case of emergency.
  2. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    Another field of calling is based on using calls to attract wildlife during hunting season. Sometimes using calls of a different nature, such as using knowledge of animal mating season to get their attention. When deer hunting learning to rattle a split pair of deer antlers together can bring big bucks in with hair up and eyes wild, cause they think other bucks are fighting. With bull elk they make a bugling sound that starts with a low grunt then builds in volume and pitch to a high whistle. Another creature that can be brought in with a call is a wild turkey. It can easily be called in the spring mating season with different types of turkey calls. Some mimic the talk of the hens and others sound like a loud gobble. Mountain lions and bears will sometimes come to the sound of a predator call. Be sure to wear plenty of orange during hunting season to avoid attacting other hunters who might mistake you for the game animal they themselves are seeking.

    The javelina, a desert pig of the southwest can be brought in with a predator call. Pronghorns or antelope, can be called by laying down and waving a white handkerchief. They come because of curiosity. Even fish will often swim over to investigate a water proof electric buzzer submerged in a pond or lake.

    Not just predators come to calling. A dove call imitates the cooing of a mourning dove and will lure other doves to nearby perches. Quail calls imitate the get together call of the bobwhite, or other quail. The chatter of a squirrel can bring other squirrels up to within a few yards. And of course there are calls for hawks and crows, ducks and geese. And lastly there are calls for songbirds that imitate their whistles.

    This method can increase your chances as a hunter, but also give you and your family, a new hobby to try during the camping seasons.
  3. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

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