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Jet Ski

Discussion in 'On the Water' started by robertson123, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. robertson123

    robertson123 Newbie

    Have you ever been on a jet ski i have there fast fun and great to control:)
  2. Toxique

    Toxique Newbie

    My uncle has some jets skis and yes they are a lot of fun.
  3. PAPA!

    PAPA! Newbie

    Of course they are fun.
  4. R. Zimm

    R. Zimm Newbie

    They are great in the right environment, you need lots of open water and now swimmers around to run over. They also can be much more expensive to own as you will need gas/oil/upkeep and insurance is not a bad idea. Oh, and a trailer to haul them around on if you do not live on a lake.

    Other than that they are awesome!
  5. Pzula

    Pzula Newbie

    I go out on a Jet Ski all the time when I visit my holiday house with my family. The house is right near a fairly large lake so Jet Ski all the time. It's great fun and the adrenaline rush is immense. Jet Skis can be quite expensive so look at the available and dedication you'll offer before purchasing one.
  6. ps3fanboy

    ps3fanboy Newbie

    id get bored of a jet ski. i need to do pursuits that have variety. ive done scuba diving and im doing some paragliding, these 2 pursuits offer a wide variety of activities within. i just think with jet ski all youre gonna be doing is riding up and down as fast as u can and do a couple of sharp turns, tricks etc.
  7. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    I have never been on one myself. But I've been around them. My kids love them!
  8. Norrwen

    Norrwen Newbie

    I love riding on jetskis, with the water spraying everywhere, it's exhilirating.
  9. R. Zimm

    R. Zimm Newbie

    I think of them as motorcycles on water. Fast and agile! On TV I have seen competitions where they surf big wave on jetskis and even jump waves with them.

    In the big regular surfing events the jetskis have cameramen and rescuers on them for WHEN (not if) the surfers get slammed by a big wave.
  10. Foster

    Foster Newbie

    Never have been on a Jet Ski.
  11. charity

    charity Newbie

    I have never had a chance to get on a jet ski. They look like a blast. Hopefully one day I will get the chance.
  12. Toxique

    Toxique Newbie

    How is that even possible? I use to ride them every weekend and I'd never get bored of them.
  13. ACSAPA

    ACSAPA Newbie

    Jet skis look like fun and they're popular here in Florida, but I can't swim, so I would have to learn how to swim before I progressed to riding any sporty water vehicles. For right now, the only jet ski I'll be riding is in the upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto 5.

    Here in Florida, people sometimes jet ski under the influence of alcohol and bad things happen, so they are as dangerous as motorcycles in a way.
  14. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    Tricks. Tricks and games of high speed water tag/ watergun tagging. That is why people love jet skis. I really love a nice beach with wave after wave that you launch off of.
  15. TabithaW

    TabithaW Newbie

    I have never been on a jet ski but would like to give it a try. There are lots of lakes close by with marinas where you can rent jet skis but they are so expensive by the hour. My kids are getting bigger too (11 & 14) so I think they would enjoy it as well. I think I will make plans for us to do that one day this summer.
  16. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    I love riding on a jet ski. They have been around since the 1970s and the recreational vehicles have really become very popular since then. I got a real sweet deal on mine and keep them to go out on the water at least once a year.
  17. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    My brother bought some jet skis a few years back and we take the out to the lake every year. It's cool to own jet skis if you are going to truly use them a lot. If you use them once a year and have them sitting inside the garage for the rest of the year ,then it isn't worth spending the money for them.
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