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Kid-friendly campfire recipes?

Discussion in 'Food' started by TABL, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    What can you make easily with kids? I'm looking for meals that can be cooked over the fire, in foil maybe or on a stick. Something without too many ingredients, that kids will eat! Any ideas?
  2. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    How about grilled cheese? Its pretty easy to make using a grill over an open fire.

    Also one of my favorites is rice krispies (with chocolate)
  3. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    Thanks!! I like the grilled cheese idea! And my kids all love that.
    Do you put marshmallows in with Rice Krispies and chocolate?
  4. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Yeah, they're just like the normal recipe except you can add some chocolate and it will make them all brown and have a different flavor, its quite yummy!

    You can just do it in a pot over the fire, and eat it out of the pot once it has cooled.
  5. Jessi

    Jessi Novice Camper

    I love the idea of campfire banana boats. You basically stuff random toppings into a split open banana and roast over the open fire.


    Kids love making them because they get to add their own favorite toppings and parents love them because they start with a somewhat healthy base, unlike a standard s'mores.
  6. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    That banana boat looks cool!! Thanks!
  7. charity

    charity Newbie

    Hot dogs roast well on a stick over a fire and easy to do. And smores are my favorite for desert.
  8. Jessi

    Jessi Novice Camper

  9. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    Potatoes are always easy to cook and you can make loaded potatoes as a meal or coat roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon or sugar as a desert.
  10. I'd think foil dinners/hobo stew might be kind of fun, and very customizable depending what your kids like! I think they typically use ground beef, potatoes, and carrots, and then you can add any other vegetables you might want. Throw in some butter and a little bit of water to help prevent burning and then stick them in the fire for a while!

    Also, when we were growing up, we would bring Pella Bologna (a specific type of ring bologna from Pella, IA) and skewer pieces of that to roast over the fire. I would think that would work with any kind of ring bologna! It provides a nice alternative to hot dogs, if you don't like them.

    I've heard of the banana boats and would LOVE to try one! I've never seen the cake-in-an-orange before - how creative!!
  11. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Do you cook them in aluminum foil like that orange picture above?
  12. TabithaW

    TabithaW Newbie

    We love corn on the cob wrapped in foil. You can season the corn anyway you like, wrap it in foil & it's ready in about 10 minutes. You can make French fries in about 30 minutes doing them the same way as corn on the cob. My kids also like making pizza when we camp. We have tried several camping pizza recipes and we like using pita pockets the best. Stuff them with sauce, cheese, and whatever else you like on your pizza (we favor pineapple), seal in foil and they cook in about 5 minutes, flipping halfway through.
  13. Jessi

    Jessi Novice Camper

    That's how I do it. I've heard that some people cook them directly over the heat without the aluminum foil, but I feel better having them wrapped.
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