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Look Out Mtn Chattanooga Tn

Discussion in 'On the Water' started by killeroy154, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    We left for Chattanooga about 8am after I got home from work. Wife drove for the first 2 hours, while I snoozed in the passenger side. Man was that nice to, I slept all the way through Knoxville city/interstate hub traffic. I do remember the car lurching a few times, and wife saying some unkindly words at other vehicles while navigating through that messy suburban tangle of our modern day highways. I was wide awake after all that, and she was glad to let me drive the other couple of hours.

    We checked into our Choo Choo car 0ed6aa333e5ff68f357314eef472792a.jpg nice roomy accommodations.

    After a good night's sleep, we headed for a trail head up to Look Out mtn. This was another strategic area, for both sides, during the Civil war. We started at the Cravens house trail ad2c61eca930d77b92e80ef7e7335116.jpg There are lots of canons and monuments in this area e6e1fc2bbddd477c542fe4388bf7ef03.jpg 7e8ee2eeec41041ee600f53aa90307aa.jpg the trail was not strenuous in any way 55b3ddd60d47884da510d1248b3422fd.jpg 7fd3dda44b47f80be13b8d6607ab230e.jpg 0b993e2b9a31f53915bb6b704b18658c.jpg there were huge bolders lying around, and the trail meandered amongst them 9d0a2d5a73b7858fd4d5130e37ac98c3.jpg the kudzoo plant that was introduced here many years ago is out of control. It will completely engulf trees and other vegetation 04bd63c30b1abecc565cf9288743a701.jpg there is shards of quartz, which we call dragons teeth, all over the area 522b76f0c03beaddb96cecb140420bf0.jpg ae7ea0839c8fea12ef322d42113894c5.jpg there was once a hotel on this spot b63892793b9a1d1b23959ca072d73a23.jpg 2a297bc7f8ec00973e904e596afc47dd.jpg accessible from top down, we are near the top of the mtn. A few stairs up, nothing compared to Grandfather mtn 1d5798f18fe04fce798ba322e4d3e1eb.jpg on top where civil war troops had good views for firing cannons 37022abccc30130c2c1d7f76ca3d043e.jpg Chattanooga to the right and moccasin bend straight down. f040ba1dcf8cf80965a2aca458347402.jpg aa567eaf561e51fdb421560953a4670f.jpg fdc488250488c8a6bf60c576392014d8.jpg c674b863a606274a3a864432da2743cf.jpg lots of soldiers came up here just for photo opportunities back then. If you don't feel like hiking up, you can drive and enter through this gate c18a4b75b2f8452e7ec1e8859af7105c.jpg lots of cannons, monuments, civil war historical markers and great views. We started our way down by a different trail ffc6caf9d524f7a5c189f1eab6bba262.jpg c82cebf2bf9296be570b148d8b058366.jpg after a half mile we started questioning if this was a good idea f6024fabf90e2b0b21b819745cd34f62.jpg this stick had a blue moss, mold, or something on it. It was soft like moss 6bb473f4fe64feb267f894ccb377282c.jpg it was back to civilization and late lunch 9377c662c980e5a5026c1467ca4640b9.jpg a view from a barbecue place. Look out mtn left and Chattanooga right.
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