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Discussion in 'Food' started by bigteeth96, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. bigteeth96

    bigteeth96 Newbie

    Is anyone a fan of marshmallows / smores? They aren't primitive, but I love to bring some graham crackers along with me every time I go camping. Even if I just have a little bonfire, I will bring some. I can never seem to get the perfect crisp though.
  2. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    I like marshmallows, but generally I don't carry them with me - pack space is at a premium and marshmallows aren't that important to me. That said I am a marshmallow cooking pro - but then again there was a lot of camping for my troop. Yeah for being a Scout!
  3. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    I like them made when camping with friends and their children. But I must confess I always enjoyed eating the smore ingredients by themselves. Chocolate bars. Yum! Lightly toasted marshmallows. Yum! Graham crackers. Yum!
  4. Lanna

    Lanna Newbie

    I looove s'mores but I haven't had them camping since I was a kid. I have to buy special, sort of expensive, vegan marshmallows online so it really rains on my s'mores parade. I really can't tell the difference between vegan and real marshmallows so the taste isn't too different, but there's something about the classic bag of marshmallows that adds to the fun of s'mores.
  5. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    @Lanna, vegan marshmallows huh... What do they use instead of gelatin?

    and do they still melt the same way? Like this, :p

  6. Lanna

    Lanna Newbie

    Welllll they may not melt exactly like that, but they're way more delicious! You can still roast them on a stick which is the fun part! And if you eat them in the dark, you can't even tell they look a little different :p

    And take a look at this beauty:

    The company makes premade s'mores. How glorious is that?!

    I'm not sure what they use instead of gelatin. I think they want to keep it a secret because they have a monopoly on the vegan marshmallow market. I'm guessing they use agar-agar, but I could be way off.
  7. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    I like marshmallows and I've done well getting giant bags of giant marshmallows at like Big Lots. The only problem is getting a good size graham cracker and some king-size chocolate. Also I tend to make them at home with the microwave.
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