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MegaPegs review

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by campforums, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Thank you to MegaPegs who was generous enough to sponsor this post by sending me a sample of their product to review.

    01.jpg IMG_20150721_160654.jpg


    The clips themselves are vibrantly colored and made from a durable hard plastic. The two peices of plastic that make up the clip are held together by the tension from a rigid steel wire. The pressure it provides is pretty good, but it still opens and closes smoothly with not much difficulty.

    02.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg


    By my estimate, the clips could probably hold up to around 20 lbs without being pryed open. Here is a picture I took while testing their strenght of the MegaPegs holding a flower pot. Here is another one holding a bag.

    06.jpg 05.jpg 07.jpg 03.jpg

    The MegaPegs are branded as "The Little Product With Mega-Uses" and they do live up to their name. The feature I found the most unique was that when the clips are fully closed there is still a decent amount of space where ropes, branches, or bars can pass through. This makes them great for binding things together or hanging things up.

    08.jpg 09.jpg 12.jpg

    Room for Improvements

    The cool color is actually pretty neat because these clips are intended for personal and home use so it is important that they look nice as well. I would be interested in seeing them come out with more colors to compliment their blue version which is what is available now.

    Also, one thing that I found frustrating when playing around with them was the shape of the clamp where the two pieces make contact. I felt as though although there was enough pressure in some cases there was not enough friction between the object being clamped and the MegaPegs.



    Right now they are available only from their website and come in packs of either 4, 8 or 10.
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