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need help&advices for choosing a tent

Discussion in 'Shelter' started by camping4EVER, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. camping4EVER

    camping4EVER Newbie

    Hello everyone, as long as i am new to this forum i firstly want to say a big hello to everyone and congratulate you too for the participation in here that provides so many helpful threads for something we love..Camping!

    I am new to the winter camping, never done before in cold periods so i needed your help on choosing a tent that will fit on what i need.

    i had 2 different tents in my mind. the first is:

    Coleman Phad x3
    Flysheet: 100% polyester ripstop polyester 210 T, WS 4.000 mm PU coated, taped seams, UV Pro
    Inner tent: 100% polyester, breathable polyester 185 T and opaque mosquito net
    Floor: 100% nylon, nylon 190 T, WS 5.000 mm PU coated, taped seams
    Linkage: ø 8.5 mm aluminum 7001-T6
    2 inputs
    3 ventilation flaps
    5 inner pockets
    Construction: all in one
    With repair
    Pack size: ø 18 x 44 cm
    Color: green / anthracite
    Weight: 3.95 kg

    and the other tent is:

    Salewa MIDWAY IV
    Number of people:4
    Fly:75D 210T 100% polyester ripstop / 70D 185T PU coated 100% polyester taffeta, water column: 4000 mm
    Canopy:70D 185T 100% polyester taffetaBottom:70D 210T 100% polyester taffeta, PU coated Hydrostatic head: 5000 mm
    Linkage:9,5 / 11 mm Salewa Compound Poles
    Tent dimensions (in):220 x 210 x 180 cm (L x W x H)Tent dimensions (exterior):390 x 220 x 190 cm (L x W x H)
    Pack size:56 x 21 cm
    Weight:7300 g (min) / 7600 g (max)
    Extras: Dust cover, mosquito net inserts in the outer tent, repair kit; Apsidenbogen, Mudflaps

    before comparing those 2 tents i wanted to suggest me if the MidwayIV it's good for winter. i am asking that because according to the materials used it seems to be equal with many other 4 season tents but according to various descriptions on internet(including the official site) it seems to be more summer tent.
    I was thinking that maybe the fact that its 190 cm height and has big dimensions(so big surfaces)makes that tent more exposed to temperature and stability? is that correct?

    also, do anyone know what material Salewa uses on its poles? it says ''Salewa Compound Poles'' ..is it aluminium or fiberglass?

    this is my requirements:
    i need a tent to be used in Greece from September to spring. camping will be stationary not far away from the car (so its not a problem if its not a lightweight) next to the sea and in low height mountains. lets say temperatures could be from zero °c degrees to 20 °c degrees. this is my winter sleeping bag S0° ultralight Sleeping Bag
    (could this combination of sleeping bag with the salewa tent be a good winter solution?). Also, i am not going to use the tent at snow

    my comparison:
    I like a lot the fact that salewa midway its spacious with a large front room that someone can stay comfortable in there with a chair and a book :) ,i also noticed that comparing the front room of Salewa and Coleman, at the bottom of that front room salewa has no gaps and maybe its more comfortable because there will be less dust and cold air flow coming in when someone is down there.
    From the other had, having a big tent it will put some space limits on where someone will be able to set a tent.
    Coleman seems by its geometry (lower height) to be more stable in case of a strong wind!

    i am a newby with no experience on winter camping and i need your help to make a little more clear the things on my mind and finally make a choice on e tent.

    Best regards to all and thanks a lot!
  2. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    I'm from Canada and I've seen various Coleman products but I'm not familiar with the Salewa brand, however I did find a few links to other tents from the same company which claim to be fiberglass. Also I've never seen aluminum referred to as a compound so I think it would be safe to assume that they are fiberglass. Here's the links to those other 2 tents:



    As for deciding between the two tents I would see if there a store near where you live that carries both products, I know looking online is convenient but I find its always better to see for yourself in person. I haven't had a problem with taller tents and wind in the past, once I got scared that the whole tent might blow away by the noises I was hearing from outside but I think if you are careful to set it up securely by making sure the stakes are firmly in the ground, you should be fine. As for the size and shape, I agree with what you said and also the height effects the angle of the walls which is always something to look out for because you can't really sleep along the edges of some particularly low tents.

    Also I few things I would look for is what kind of warranty/guarantee each company offers, price, and if they offer repairs/support in Greece.

    Good luck with your purchase, be sure to let us know how it goes! :D
  3. camping4EVER

    camping4EVER Newbie

    i will try today getting some info from a store that has salewa products.
    what its not clear to me is why the salewa its a 3 season tent, even if it is what i try to understand is if i can sleep in it without freezing at night(with a warm sleeping bag).
    i think i like salewa because its a good brand (like coleman) i find it in better price and the most important for me is that it has more space in the porch so i can stay down there with a chair. but, if ill feel cold at night wile sleeping..there is no sense choosing.
    generaly , do campers use 3 seasons tents in winters (not extreme conditions..no snow..and considering the cold of Greece not that cold as Canada for example)?
    of course i will let you know! in case i choose the salewa i will let you know before going somewhere so if i never get back(because of being converted to an ice cube)someone can come to pick me :)

    thank so much for the info you provided to me!
  4. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Well I've never been camping here during the winter but remember what the tent is going to do is keep out the wind. I wouldn't expect any tent to insulate very well and the temperature inside the tent is probably going to be similar to what is outside. Why not try using the 3 season tent you have and see how it feels? At the temperatures you said (0C - 20C) and with a sleeping bag I don't think you'll be in any danger of freezing.
  5. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    I have often wondered if the tent shelters used by hunters when wanting to conceal themselves from game or when duck hunting, would be waterproof enough to take as a backpacking tent. If several men can fit into one such shelter then there should be room for one person to stretch-out and even change clothes easily. Does anyone on the forum own one of these shelters and would you be able to say the pro's and con's of such an idea??
  6. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Hey dude, I was wondering if you ever decided on one of those tents? and if so are you happy with the purchase?

    I hope all is well with you :)
  7. kevinkimers

    kevinkimers Novice Camper

    If I were you, I'd try to build a Yurt since you are going to be out there for a long period of time. Yurts are used by nomad's (mainly in mongolia, but in other areas also). It is easier then it looks to put together and take apart. It is great for cold weather camping.
  8. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    I'm definitely an Alaknak man. I have two winter models and one summer modle.
  9. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    ....but speaking of Yurts.


    This one looks like the one I saw on the Musquash River
    while headed into Grey Lake.
  10. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman Explorer

    Since I am German I was wondering how you call the kind of tents that just pop-up whe n u throw them on the ground....? Here there are sold under the expression pop up tent... You know what I mean? Thanks a lot!
  11. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    Good to see you online old man.

    Pop up tents is a good term - used often. BUT, and it is a personal preference. I stay away from pop up anything. For one reason I find gimmicky items and quick fix stuff not worth the bucks. If you are a serious camper go with good equipment - if the not the very best - that is going to last and be dependable when you most need it. Do the homework - winter is a good time to do that.

    Now - having said that I own nine tents [I don't know if I'm bragging or apologizing]. I've accumulated that many and have had a lot more in past because different situations will demand a different piece of equipment.

    The general guide [besides setting a budget] is

    How often will I use it?
    How will I use it?
    Is it just for me or will I be sharing?
    When will I use it?

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  12. white42

    white42 Newbie

    Pop up tent sounds about right for me (also what I ve been reading on blogs lately: fyi) Even though I ve read about them and a friend of mine even owns one, I haven´t had the pleassure yet to try it.. Now if northern dancer says they are not worth much, i am inclined to believe him, still i want to test it one time this next season ^^
  13. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    ...here I am. My answer to @Saul Goodman just above you still stands. I'm not really into pop up anything because they are pretty much unreliable. True...you can get some really expensive ones and I would certainly have more faith in those.

    It is really important to establish the reason or the intention for purchasing any tent. Regular department stores will sell the mainline products and though some are good if you are really into camping go for something that is more enduring.

    If you are thinking summer I tend to fall on the three season side. Since it is winter it is a good time to explore and search out products. Check with Cabela's and Pro Bass as a starter - take a look at the numerous brands and designs. These kinds of tents are not sold at your friendly Walmart Store.

    When you got all that done go on line and look for videos that describe the product and provide feedback and consumer information.

    Be prepared for a bit of work - there are a lot of brands in the market place.

    But, make it fun too.

    If you are still interested in the pop up find a store close by that has a floor model. That way you can explore up close and get a real sense of the quality and more especially the longevity of the product.

    BUT IF YOU INSIST :) Here are some manufacturers. [I'm not recommending any...]

    Coleman, Righline, Broadstone, Sylvansport, Outwell to name a few.

    ...and one more thing - if you are going this direction check out the blow up ones - those are the ones that have no poles.

  14. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    The blowup or inflatable tent I was referring to.

    Inflatable tents use robust, air-filled tubes in place of pole supports. Simply hook the pump up to input valves and pump away. Most models are quick to pitch with those that use an interlinked 'frame' inflating in around 60 seconds from just one inlet. And for those campers with childhood flashbacks of punctured bouncy castles, isolation valves ensure the tent remains fully inflated in the unlikely event of damage.

    The inflatable tent "The Cave" from HEIMPLANET stands for a new way of camping. Its easy and intuitive handling makes "The Cave" become your ideal companion for every trip. It offers more time for the essential: having a good time travelling. Assembling of parts is unnecessary. Inner tent, fly sheet and the inflatable frame IDG work as a union and enable a very quick and uncomplicated set-up (inflation): just unpack it and inflate it - welcome home!

    There are others too -

    Outwell Concord L
    vango inspire 600 air beam
    sunncamp breton 500 air

    Have fun ;)
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