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NOW is the TIME...

Discussion in 'Other Camping' started by Northern Dancer, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    for summer adventure.


    Once Christmas is out of the way (as good as it was)
    it is time to start thinking SUMMER CAMP.

    I find planning fun AND when I plan well
    my personal experience bursts into joy and excitement.

    So, it you canoe trip like I do what is that you DON'T TAKE WITH YOU?

    Scented Deodorant:
    If you are going to use deodorant, make sure it is unscented. Unscented keeps the bears (and chipmunks and squirrels and ...) away, and still keeps you smelling fresh.

    Large Knives:
    What's the point of taking a large anything? There isn't anyone that you need to impress and you just might look silly.
    I don't bring jeans - they don't dry well when wet and don't keep you warm when they are.
    Anything that smells - other than human: :(
    I look for soaps, deodorants, tooth paste, wash suds and the like that don't have smells.

    Weapons: :sorry:
    I simply don't see them as part of any camping scene no matter what your argument is. If you live in an environment that you think they are required - move. YOU may be the real problem. If you have to bring a gun stay at home and have fun with your neighbours they will enjoy your Marshall Dillon act.
    Dark Cloths:
    Always bright and light. INCLUDING SUN GLASSES - bugs and mosquitoes are attracted to black. Did you notice?
    Noise Makers?
    Don't even think of it - leave the radio stuff behind.
    The Wrong People:
    I don't go with just anyone - I'm selective as they are too. Nothing like taking a trip with a drip.
    No Cans/No Glass:
    If I can't burn it or pack it out easily - it doesn't come in the first place.
    There are a lot of parks that have banned cans and glass in the interior.

    So..there we are.
    Strange list huh?

    This is what I use.
    Check out the natural soap displays in store or
    health stores - looks of good stuff.
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