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Other hobbies?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bushman, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Bushman

    Bushman Newbie

    So what do you other forum members enjoy doing besides camping? I like to ride bike, do a bit of gaming, and I love getting out and playing some hockey with my friends in the winter. I also like to read books on our history and to learn more about how the world came to be especially ancient technologies and how they were used.
  2. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Well, right now I am really focused on school and I have always been interested in computer engineering which is what I am studying. I also like to read a lot although not really any particular subject, I read all sorts of things from novels, to history to science. Also another big hobby of mine is fitness and weight lifting which takes up a fair amount of my time.
  3. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    I like to take pictures and scrapbook. I'm also a clogger (dancing!) My daughter and I just went to a clogging competition/convention this past weekend. We take lessons every week. I love it!
  4. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Its good to see a variety of balanced individuals on these forums, I think the thing about camping is that it is not really a niche hobby and people with all types of backgrounds, ages, and interests enjoy it.

    Bushman, do you ever combine those hobbies and camp out around historical sites? There are lots of neat parks around old battle grounds where people do reenactments and search for artifacts.
  5. S.L.Diamond

    S.L.Diamond Newbie

    I have to say I am a bit of a movie buff. I love most things Fantasy and Science Fiction and unfortunately, like the masses I'm into zombies. I do some amature writing, something I can't live without and of course it's heavily influenced by my love of Sci-Fi.

    Okay hold on! You're the founder of this site, you study AND you work out.... One question "How you doin?" (Joey Tribbiani voice) Lol.
  6. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Haha, oh - not too bad. How about you?
  7. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    Other hobbies, well I like gardening and photography. I enjoy cooking and baking, and sewing. Love reading non-fiction and fiction books about living in the wilderness and topic's like gardening and outdoor crafts, and wild plants. I love walking in the woods just to listen to the wild birds and get a chance to see wildflowers and wildlife. I like fishing and swimming, and wading about in shallow creeks.
    I would have made a good farmers wife or outdoors man's wife, if given the chance. I love forest trails for the sake of always wondering what I would see just around the next bend in the road or what's in the woods across those open fields. Oh, to be young again! lol
  8. Kementarri

    Kementarri Newbie

    I love to read (mostly adult fiction), do creative writing, play sports (soccer for 15+ years), be out and about (hiking, at parks, etc), playing guitar, working out , contemplating philosophy, and playing on-line games (mmorpgs). I am also big on blogging and learning about science and technology.
  9. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Sounds like a lot of nature stuff you're interested in, do you happen to live in a very rural area? For me I love that stuff too but don't get much chance to do it living in such a big city which is why I turn to camping.

    Also reading is awesome, not enough people read as much as they should. We should start a book club thread in the off topic section haha
  10. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    I live in a small rural town and my house backs the woods. Yesterday they was a baby fawn in my backyard. So I grabbed my camera and went to get a picture of it. As I rounded my shed and peeked around the corner, to my surprise there were two fawns near the woods. My camera lens could not make the distance so I waited for a while until one came closer too me. Just as I took the picture, mama doe called them and they took off for the woods. So I got a picture of a fawn in flight. In talking with my neighbor I found out there are three fawns that come out in her yard. Hope to get that picture.
    Also we have a mama bear with a little cub, getting into garbage cans. I need to be care not to meet her & baby. They are usually around in late evening and after dark.
  11. trsarge

    trsarge Newbie

    Well, let's see: I like walking in the woods (I live on an island in the Caloosahatchee river in Florida), I also do leather crafts and wood working (I grew up in a cabinet shop that my father owned). I'm kind of a jack of all trades, master of one or two!:)
  12. Jason

    Jason Newbie

    I like sitting infront of the computer thats the only hobby i have and i do. Trying to add more hobbies to my list.
  13. mett1982

    mett1982 Novice Camper

    Besides camping and enjoying the outdoors, I love taking pictures. Photography as been a hobby of mine for quite a while. It really goes well with my love for camping and definitely my love for the outdoors. Whenever I'm out on a hike, I always have my camera with me. At any moment there could be a really great shot and I'd hate to miss out on it because I didn't have my camera with me. Also hiking is a family thing for me. So it's a great time for me to get some amazing shots of my family and I. Other than photography, I really like playing video games, playing some basketball and gardening. I try to be outdoors as much as I can. I really develop some cabin fever, if I don't get out there and soak up some sun.
  14. Camp6

    Camp6 Novice Camper

    Besides camping I like listening to music specifically hiphop. I never leave my FM radio at home whenever I go camping. I also like playing basketball whenever am free. I like jogging in the morning before I can do anything else. I also like attending to my garden.
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  16. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    -----> Interesting.
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