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"out camping"

Discussion in 'Other Camping' started by TABL, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    My kids go to a summer camp. They can either do "in camp" or "out camp". One of m son's did outcamp once... and he didn't like it! It was basically, carry all of your gear and hike around. Cook over the campfire. No bathrooms. For a kid (he was 11) I think it was a bit much. But now my other son who is 11 is thinking about it.
    If he does, do you have any recommendations?
  2. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Was it an overnight camp? Maybe try going to a similar type camp first before signing up for several weeks. There's also all kinds of other camps these days depending on his interests.
  3. TABL

    TABL Explorer

    We decided not to do the out camp. He'd rather do the normal camping.
  4. R. Zimm

    R. Zimm Newbie

    Well, each kid is different so you never know when one will surprise you and want to try the more rustic version. As long as they are with a group, in a easy to find place and have good leaders they should be fine.

    Could be you end up with the host of an adventure show in a few years!
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