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Partying in the camp grounds

Discussion in 'Other Camping' started by Alexandoy, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Survivalist

    Last year, we celebrated my niece’s 18th birthday in a camp ground. Aside from the family, there were 18 guests, all contemporaries of my niece. We had parlor games in the afternoon and then the bonfire in the evening with barbecue and marshmallows on sticks. There was also singing until midnight when we fell flat inside our tents. It was one memorable camping that we have experienced. Although we were tired with the preparation of the food and everything that would make the guests enjoy, the labor was worth it. And not to forget that there were nice prizes for the parlor games.
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  2. rz3300

    rz3300 Explorer

    Few things are more frustrating at the camp site when others are there to ruin it for you. I have had some that are not the typical loud party people, but this is mostly the crowd that ruins things. Best thing is just to move, if this is an option.
  3. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    ...it depends on where you go. In this neck of the woods Provincial and Federal Park lands are supervised. I don't say it doesn't happen but I've never experienced what you are talking about. Private parks are supervised even more so.
  4. happyflowerlady

    happyflowerlady Survivalist

    I think that more people do go on camping trips to have parties now than used to happen before; but a party like @Alexandoy is describing sounds like a happy day for everyone, and not one that would disturb other people, unless the campground was very crowded.
    It has been a very long time since I have gone camping; but when we did go, it was usually just family, and we went for peace, and relaxation, and not to have a party. Usually we went someplace way out in the woods and not to a proper campground, so no other people were there, or if they were, we didn't disturb each other.
    I can see that if it was a busy campground and people who were noisy, drinking and that kind of party, that it would be no fun to even be close to them, and a good time to gather up the camping equipment and look for a better spot to camp.
    Reading about Alexandoy's family camping trip sounded like a lot of fun, and made me think that i would probably have been by the campfire and singing along with them, and having a melting marshmallow toasting in the embers of the fire. It just sounded like a lot of fun ! !
  5. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Survivalist

    It's a coincidence that we just came home today from that same campsite that I mentioned above. Today is Sunday and it is very surprising that the campsite is empty. It is a phenomenon of sorts because that campsite is always full of people. I was even thinking of taking photos with the tents because we went there only for a daytime picnic so we did not bring a tent. The manager of the resort said that the rainy season usually turns off the campers. That made me wonder more because in my younger years, it wouldn't matter if it is raining because for us, campers can pitch the tent no matter what the weather is. Anyway, I recalled the party for my niece. There were other campers although there was no much noise so there was no untoward incident of any kind.
  6. happyflowerlady

    happyflowerlady Survivalist

    I agree that you can certainly pitch a tent to get in out of the rain; but being huddled together in a tent for the weekend to keep dry is certainly not much of a fun weekend trip, at least to me.
    Many years ago, when i was first married; my husband had a job working at a new dam which was being built in northern Washington State. There were no towns close to the Metaline Falls Dam site, except the small town of Metaline , and there was nowhere near enough places for people to stay because there were a whole lot of construction workers there to build the dam, and many also had their wife and family along with them. Anyplace within driving distance that had a room for rent was extremely high priced, and we couldn't even find any vacancies in any case.
    We ended up borrowing the old canvas army tent that my folks had owned since before I was born, and set it up along side of a creek that was close to where the dam was being built. There were a lot of other people doing the same thing, and we just got our water out of the creek and cooked meals over a little camp stove that we also borrowed. Dinner was something that came out of a can and was easy to heat up.
    This went fine until the rains came. For several days, it just poured down rain. Even the inside of the tent was damp, and I ended up catching a bad cold.
    I was certainly glad when that job was over and we could go back home.
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