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Plants that give you itch

Discussion in 'Nature' started by whnuien, May 18, 2014.

  1. whnuien

    whnuien Newbie

    Oh God, this is so embarrassing because I'd really like to remind other campers or hikers / trekkers especially those who live in a tropical country to always be careful from getting in touch with plants that cause a horrible itch ( happened to me when I was younger / happened to our dog too :( ).

    But the problem is I don't even know the names in English. I know all the names of the plants in my own language but since there's no dictionary which translates my language into English, it's impossible for me to know.

    If you get in touch with those plants even just for a few second then you will start having an itch that seems to come from underneath your skin.

    Can someone gives me a list of the names? I could Google it but I'm also not sure what to type on the search box. I could try but maybe I will not get the right result as I can't think of anything else other than typing "plants that give you itch that seems to come from underneath the skin" :D and I also can't use the word "poisonous" because it will gives me a long list of result and I wouldn't know the specific names I'm looking for.

    Please also share your views and or if you had any experience like I and our dog had then do talk about it :)
  2. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    I would guess that the worse plants to make you itch in the USA, are poison ivy and poison oak, and poison oak. There are other ones as well, depending on the part of the country your in and depending on what you might be allergic too.
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