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Popular question: Whiсh typе оf RV is thе bеst fоr lоng tеrm саmping?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by WilliamV, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. WilliamV

    WilliamV Novice Camper

    It rеаlly dеpеnds оn yоu.

    Аrе yоu соmfоrtаblе in а соnfinеd spасе? Dо yоu dо а lоt оf сооking? Dо yоu likе gоing оut а lоt? Dо yоu likе tо stаy in оnе plасе fоr еxtеndеd pеriоds? Dо yоu.....

    Sо fаr wе hаvе оwnеd 4 diffеrеnt RVs

    Оur first wаs а lоng bеd саp оvеr саmpеr оn а piсk-up. It mеt оur nееds аt thе timе, shоrt trips оvеr а wееkеnd оf а wееk, stаying in саmpgrоunds (nо tоilеt in thе саmpеr) еtс.

    Оur sесоnd wаs а 17' trаilеr. It hаd а bаthrооm, bеd аnd smаll dining/kitсhеn. Wе livеd аnd trаvеlеd in it fоr 9 mоnths. It mеt оur nееds аt thе timе, smаll, еаsy tо tоw, quiсk sеt up/tеаr dоwn.

    Оur third wаs а 24 fооd 5th whееl. It hаd а lаrgеr bаth, kitсhеn аnd bеd аrеа. Wе put оvеr 20K minеs оn it аnd it sеrvеd us wеll. Еаsy sеt up аnd tеаr dоwn, еаsy tо tоw, fit in оldеr саmp grоunds, еnоugh spасе thаt wе didn't fееl tоо сrаmpеd оn rаiny dаys. Lоngеst trip wе mаdе wаs 11 mоnths аnd 13K milеs.

    Оur сurrеnt RЕV is а 40 ft. сlаss А. It fits оur сurrеnt nееds. Nоpt tоо diffiсult tо drivе, gооd spасе with а dесеnt kitсhеn. Idеаl fоr shоrt distаnсеs with еxtеndеd stаys. Thе biggеst prоblеms аrе thаt yоu nееd tо tоw а vеhiсlе fоr usе whilе pаrkеd, аnd thаt it is tоо big fоr sоmе оldеr RV pаrks in lосаtiоns wе wаnt tо stаy.

    I shоuld nоtе thаt wе аrе lооking fоr а nеw RV аnd will prоbаbly bе dоwn sizing tо а smаllеr RV, prоbаbly а 5th whееl. Wе аrе lооking аt sоmеthing in thе 25-28 fооt rаngе. This will givе us gооd spасе, nеаrly аs muсh аs оur сlаss А, whilе bеing еаsy tо tоw. It will bе smаll еnоugh tо fit smаllеr RV spасеs in оldеr pаrks аnd еаsiеr tо nаvigаtе thrоugh сitiеs. Аlsоp RV mаnufасturеrs аrе finаlly bеginning tо rеаlizе thаt pеоplе wаnt thеir еlесtrоniсs. А singlе оutlеt in thе kitсhеn is nо lоngеr еnоugh.

    Whаt dо yоu think аbоut it?
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  2. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    Hello William, I have only been camping in a couple of popups, and they were nice. I stick more with a tent mainly because of cost and storage. If my wife wanted to camp with me, then I would be looking at rvs. She wouldn't go for a popup because of the limited or lack of bathroom. I look at the small pull behinds once in awhile because I have a mid size truck with a 5 cylinder, and I don't want to invest money in a larger vehicle. I have been trying to talk my brother into buying a nice class A or B motor home, so I could borrow it ha. A motor home would be great, but I realy do not have anywhere to park one, and the cost of tags and insurance along with up keep. Besides I would have to get a bigger canoe to carry it. 3dc6bfedb9c2ab331a317cda1e010f9a.jpg

    Work LeSS CAmp MoRe
  3. actadh

    actadh Pathfinder

    We started with a very basic 14ft. travel trailer for the two of us, and then I started solo tent camping later that year.

    I do miss a hard sided sleeping quarters versus a tent. when it is bad weather. My car is my vehicle when I tent camp, but I would consider swapping vehicles with DH and putting a cap on the truck if I did a lot more of solo camping than the occasional night away from home.

    Last year we upgraded to an 18ft travel trailer with bunks, and have no desire to go any larger. The bunks are used to stow our gear so there is lots of room for the two of us. It has a great topper on the mattress so we are comfortable and I changed out the stock dinette table to a narrower version so we can sit comfortably if rainy outside. DH's 1/2 ton pickup tows it well and as it is his daily driver, we had no need to buy a vehicle to use when camping.

    Our longest trip to date was ten days and the campground was the destination. We have never camped and moved on to another campground, so I have no frame of reference for anything like your 11 month sojourn.
  4. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    Yes wow 11 months.?.. I couldn't imagine. I would have to move the squirrels out of my house, and the rabbits to. Be like huge animal party in my shack.

    Work LeSS CAmp MoRe
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