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Rambo Survival Knife

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by AurelioLeo, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    Did anyone ever own a Rambo Survival Knife? I remember getting one back in the 1980s and I loved it. It had a stainless steel blade that was razor sharp and dual-edged, one blade for cutting and the other a toothed blade for sawing. It contained a sharpening stone, compass, strike anywhere matches, needle/thread, fishing line, a sinker, and a fishing hook.
  2. R. Zimm

    R. Zimm Newbie

    They always looked too heavy for what they would be used for. For the same size I'd rather have a 12 inch machete any day.
  3. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    Back in the 80's though Rambo made the survival knife popular. Machetes were not the thing back then because with the survival knife you had additional gear you could use inside the handle. I don't find that the survival knife was that heavy to carry.
  4. mVd

    mVd Newbie

    Instead of a rambo knife, i would prefer to use a Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox. They also include a wide variety of tools that are essential to surviving. From simple blades to small saws, screw handlers etc. They also include a life warranty and use stainless steel.
  5. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    For urban use I carry the Victorinox Mini Champ knife. For everything else I usually carry my M-16 CRKT knife. I got my Rambo survival knife back in the 1980s and that was the knife of choice back then.
  6. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

  7. Libragirl67

    Libragirl67 Newbie

    My brother had one of those knives. This wasbefore my camping days and I was a teenage girl more interested in make-up and leggings. I just thought it was so over the top when I saw this knife. But I can imagine it would be very handy if used for camping. But is there such a thing as to much power. Is it really necessary to have such a knife. We have two swiss army knives that we take with us. But I have no doubt my two teenage boys would find some uses for the Rambo knife.
  8. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    Probably there is something to be said for the sake of effect in movies. :cool:
  9. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    Sadly I never had one, but then again I prefer machetes. A bit difficult to explain a bloody machete to a cop, but very useful for all kinds of things... like skinning. I wonder if those things re a collector's item now?
  10. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    The Rambo survival knife was "the" knife of the 80s. As for it being to much power I beg the differ because of it's other functions. It had the survival kit inside the handle, compass for navigation, and etc. If you needed to cut or saw something with that "bad boy" you took out your Rambo Survival Knife. I'm not sure how old you are ,but it was an 80s thing.
  11. bigteeth96

    bigteeth96 Newbie

    Wow I think I want one now. It looks sharp!
  12. HikingHans

    HikingHans Novice Camper

    My older brother owned one back in the 1980s. As I recall, the knife itself wasn't of the best quality. However, it was fun to see him saw a branch with the supplied cable. We thought the compass in the handle was wunderbar too. ;)
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