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Reefsleep - Camping on the Great Barrier Reef!

Discussion in 'Other Locations' started by tess pfeif, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. tess pfeif

    tess pfeif Newbie

    Reefsleep recently launched and it allows you to spend two days and one night snorkeling on Hardy Reef. At night, you sleep on the upper deck of a pontoon floating on the reef-either under the stars in a hammock....or in air-conditioned tent with a king size. It is about 40 nautical miles from the shore. Okay, so it is a little more "glamping" (glamorous camping) than your average camping, but for an ocean-lover like me it sounds like an amazing experience.

    The experiences include swimming, snorkelling, semi-sub rides, viewing fish from the underwater observatory, diving, and sunbathing. A night dive is also an option.

    Okay, so its really high maintenance camping but I haven't heard of another opportunity like reefsleep. Are there any less "vacation"-like ocean/reef based experiences like this available? I've read a previous thread about how camping on water is very difficult so any hints or groups that do activities like this would be awesome!
  2. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    It sounds like a mini cruise basically. Most large cruise ships are limited to where they can go because of the depth of the water but it looks like this boat is small enough that it can fit into those tight places that other ships cannot although it probably isn't as luxurious. I am happy you shared this, I had no idea that there were smaller overnight boat trips like these and I am sure that a lot of people on here who like enjoying nature and the outdoors would also like seeing some of the aquatic nature and sea life. I have never done any scuba diving but from what I hear it is one of the must-do excursions when you visit Australia.
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