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River tours in Costa Rica.

Discussion in 'Other Locations' started by happyflowerlady, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. happyflowerlady

    happyflowerlady Survivalist

    My daughter has been on vacation in Costa Rica this week, and she has been posting some beautiful pictures of some of the places she has been and the things she has been doing down there. The scenery is beautiful, and they are close enough to be wading around in the ocean, and also close enough to mountains that they have been on some hiking trails up into the dense forest.
    Yesterday they went on one of the river tours with a boat and guide. One place where they stopped, the monkeys came right on board the tour boat, and were climbing all over people. The guide handed out treats (banana chips ?) for everyone who wanted to feed the monkeys, and you could tell that the monkeys were used to seeing people and being hand fed.
    One lady was taking a picture of the monkey, and it looks like the monkey was actually seeing himself on the iphone as he perched on her shoulder !
    The person in the back with the monkey on her head is my daughter, and you can see that she is having a great time with the monkeys.

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  2. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    The lady with the money on her shoulder is actually looking at CampingBabble.com and the monkey just can't get enough!

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