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Rope thickness

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by campforums, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    What type of rope do you find is the best for general use? I have found that with nylon rope you can go pretty thin without sacrificing much durability and it makes a huge difference when packing. I find even the thin 1/4" rope is plenty strong enough for securing tarps and tents, holding up heavy packs off the ground, and keeping canoe's docked.

    Although if I were using it for anything more serious like supporting my own weight I might be more cautious and choose something thicker. The only downside is the knots can be a bit more difficult to untie.
  2. R. Zimm

    R. Zimm Newbie

    Don't most people use parachute cord? If you get the real stuff it is rated at 550 lbs and it comes in quite a variety of colors. There are books and websites on weaving it into many cool accessories too.
  3. Foster

    Foster Newbie

    I have got rope burns before. It HURTS!
  4. ps3fanboy

    ps3fanboy Newbie

    yea parachute cords are pretty damn strong. im on a paragliding course now and just one string can hold 150 pounds of weight. bear grylls used the parachute cords alot as well in his shows
  5. Esperahol

    Esperahol Newbie

    I use nylon for most of my things - that includes climbing, repelling, and spelunking. You can never go wrong with a good nylon rope. That said you should check you gear before you use it or... well my knee never has quite recovered.
  6. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    For general use I would get some orange nylon rope. If you are thinking about climbing with it ,then you'll need climbing rope for that. 550 Paracord seems to be what most people use while camping. You can get it online cheap for a large roll of it and it will withstand most abuse you will place it through.
  7. Lita11

    Lita11 Newbie

    Rope should be with proper thickness. otherwise it can bring your life into danger. Do not take risk and check it properly.
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