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Setting up a Tent...

Discussion in 'Shelter' started by Northern Dancer, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist


    Lots of time on my hands these days so I've been setting up my tents [I'm back to 7 of them] and checking them out for wear and tear.

    How do you set up a tent?

    The first thing one does is set it up at home before you take it with you. Set it up in the backyard or your local park to familiarize yourself with what you have. Make sure you have all the parts listed. I use a small hammer for regular pegs - the rubber ones don't make sense to me. If you have those flimsy wire looking pegs use your hand to place them and not your foot. No point in bending them out of shape if you don't have to.

    Okay, so we have arrived at the site.

    The first thing you do is to select the flattest ground possible at your site. This is to avoid water build-up.

    Second - make sure the ground is void of sharp rocks, branches, and other debris. To save damaging your tent.

    NEXT is the safety stuff.
    Before you set up your tent lookup to make sure thee are overhanging dead branches. We call them widow makers. [Because a guy is more likely to be killed.] Every year there are camper's killed from falling branches and tree limbs.

    With the basic safety stuff complete the next thing you want to do is to decide in which direction do you want to set up your tent. I want a safe place, sheltered from the gust of winds, and not to close to rivers and lakes.

    With safety issues complete you want to put down a "tent foot" or ground cover to keep the bottom of your tent clean.

    Carefully roll out the tent on the ground and then peg each corner down.

    Following the manufacturers diagram or instructions insert the polls. Being careful not to damage the tent material. If you have sleeves for your poles insert them by pushing them through rather than try pulling them through.

    Peg down ALL THE GUYLINES to assure the tent is balanced and secure.

    Place the tent fly [roof] over your tent if your tent requires one. If you have a silver/regular colour fly you use the sliver facing down in the winter and in the warm months, you have it facing out.

    The only thing that goes in the tent is your sleeping system and personal items.
    STOVES unless your tent is designed for the same.
    FOOD or toiletries - they are animal [bear] attractants.

    Okay - let's get the campfire going I'm starved.

    WHAT.......what do you mean you forgot the good?
  2. Hello, I love traveling with friends, we often go to the forest for several days, or even a whole week. Sometimes the weather is cold, so it is necessary to staff the tent as best as possible. Basically, we always install the hut and for this we use special supports and a flatbed tarps, which retains heat very well and does not get wet. I like this method more than setting up a conventional tent.
  3. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    -----> Thank your for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Things have been rather quiet on this site for a while. I'm glad you enjoy camping and being with friends.
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