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Storing Camp Food

Discussion in 'Food' started by Junkbots, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Junkbots

    Junkbots Newbie

    We all know not to bring perishables unless you'll consume them within a day or two, but how do you preserve and store food procured while camping. I'm a man who likes extended trips into nature, and I often find myself eating of the rivers, trees, and bushes. Regarding fish, I'm partial to smoking the meat. What are some DIY cooling methods you folks have tried with any success?

    Also, this is a general food preservation thread. Anything preservation-relatedis welcome here!
  2. shaneparkins

    shaneparkins Newbie

    OK - when I had a camping trip last year we forgot to secure the food and some rodents got in it. You need to constantly be aware that the food you have will attract things and in some cases bears depending where you are. Make sure your food is secure it could prevent having to cut the tip early and make sure you don't attract anything unwanted. You are also trying to hide the smell so make sure what ever you use is sealed.

    Happy camping :)
  3. Jessi

    Jessi Novice Camper

    We don't really.

    If we fish, for example, then we only fish long enough for that day's worth of food. Or we leave them in the trap or on lines over night for the next day as well, but don't actually butcher them until right before we're ready to eat. It's not always the most practical because we've lost some of those fish overnight before, but that's not usually what we intend to do anyway (it just so happens we had caught a super large fish or something right at the end and that suddenly put us over how much we needed, etc).
  4. CampAllDay

    CampAllDay Newbie

    Go to one of those wholesales stores and ask them if they sell coolers.
    The great thing about coolers is that they come in different sizes, big, small and large.
  5. R. Zimm

    R. Zimm Newbie

    "leave them in the trap or on lines over night for the next day"

    Where I live this is not a good idea due to the abundance of Gators. In other areas I can see how that would work very well.
  6. AurelioLeo

    AurelioLeo Newbie

    reply: For food preservation I recommend using Mylar bags and keeping sealed air tight and placing them into five gallon buckets with tops. You don't want rodents getting into the food. You can also pick up some MREs to carry into the bush. Walmart's got some good ones in the sporting goods dept.
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