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Taking it up a NOTCH (2)

Discussion in 'On the Water' started by Northern Dancer, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    :) I hope that you have worked out your fears -
    you know...the ones most unlikely to happen.

    Here are some suggestions to help you accomplish your goal of canoe/camping solo.

    Now, I must share with you some of the pros will not necessary agree with me. But then...I don't always agree with them either.

    You really have to take all THE INFORMATION INTO ACCOUNT. then you decide HOW TO PROCEED.
    :rage: Ex...cuse me!
    Don't you get annoyed when others keep telling you what 's best?

    You can try this approach, I mean, if you really want to. :)

    Team up with a buddy. Each has a canoe and equipment and after careful planning you head out. When you get to your destination one takes one camp site and you the other - out of sight but within screaming distance. Try that for a few nights then rendezvous at one or the other sites and talk about your experiences. No communicating in between now... :bag:

    Alas...this method does encourage and support cheating, and well you know, there is a friendly face just beyond the divide...it you should panic in the spookiness of night.


    The better way is to select a site (known) and canoe to that spot and camp out for at least three nights or four days - by yourself. I don't suggest that it be totally isolated and then again I don't suggest that it be a tourist spot either. And if you need to take a location devise...that's okay too.

    With your regular equipment bring a good book, a camera (don't forget the extra batteries) and a note book - to write down your observations and feelings. Like, keep a journal of your experiences that you can make a video type presentation and illustrated accordingly. I do it all the time. Even better, post your pics and share your thoughts on Camping Babble for the land lubbers to enjoy.

    Learn from your experience - and then plan to be a bit boulder the next time around.

    I tell ya...there's no experience like it.

    I have other threads on Camping Babble that talk about and demonstrate camping - look them up.

    And you just know that the net is full of stuff.

    Let me know your thoughts. :cool:

    Still looking for that marshmallow tree - it you find it let me know.
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