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The Growing Danger From Increasing Numbers Of Ticks

Discussion in 'Nature' started by 2sweed, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    Since this question has been on my mind a lot lately I decided to do a bit of detective work and see what the scientists say is the growing out of control reason that more and more ticks are not only in the woods but also being found in everyone's backyards, making going outside not so enjoyable if after an afternoon in the yard or woods results in finding ticks stuck in your skin.

    of course the first articles proclaimed climate change, of course. But digging deeper I discovered other possible reasons including changes in amounts of mice from one year to the next. Same is mentioned about lack of deer and then too many deer, but these are normal changes that happen from year to year.

    Seems like another reason mentioned was the spraying for other insects has killed off the birds that would normally be feeding on ticks. Either way this has become a big problem for humans, as well as, young moose that are now being killed by swarms of ticks in Canada.

    The following is a good article on this subject and a worthwhile read for any outdoor loving person. What is take on this problem??

    The growing global battle against blood-sucking ticks
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