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the LED lantern

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by activecamper, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. activecamper

    activecamper Newbie

    Hey people!

    I am so frustrated because of my broken lantern. I ordered it on Amazon (waited 4 weeks) and then It died out.

    We often have a family camping, so we take it. And my husband often needs it when he goes fishing.

    Can you give tips about the LED lantern? This time I want to buy a good LED lantern.

    Thanks for your ideas…
  2. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    Hi there and welcome again to Camping Babble.

    Sorry to hear about your problem - madding isn't it?

    LED Lanterns. In the last number of years there have been several developments in the field, which makes it difficult to know which one would be the best (for you).

    So....what I recommend is that you type in the word LED Lanterns - and see what pops up on the net. You can go online to Cabela's, Bass Pro and other box stores and check out the wears from the comfort of your own space. I prefer to go in person to look at the array of goods on the shelves; in our neck of the woods we have several well known outdoor stores.

    It seems to me it boils down to how much do you want to pay, how often you are going to use it and for what purpose. Oh...and another thing...did I say I never buy anything unless it is on sale?

    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRly_bP1rJEAmnwSq642GYQy4bIWQpdTB4zjpxIDThi-NKHoqv_.jpg Coleman's seem to have a lot of choices

    upload_2015-11-16_20-20-45.jpeg Goal Zero has several models - using the power of the sun.

    I use my primus a fair amount; bright and economical and the canister (once you remove the top) is recyclable.

    When it comes to purchasing a lantern there are big ones and small ones - solar power, battery operated, kerosene and other types of fuels, wined up types and so on. The choice is really up to you. :)

  3. activecamper

    activecamper Newbie

    thanks Northern Dancer for your reply! ;)

    I also like sales shopping. I hope that there will be some discounts before Christmas.

    As for the gas lamp... We have small children, so I really worry to use it. It is just for the safety..
    I checked the Internet and this model seems to be nice 5959 WEATHERRITE ECO-LANTERN - MROSupply.com

    However, I don't understand about its brightness. There are 157 lumens. Will it be bright or not?
  4. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    This is a test. :) 157 lumens (a light measurement) is about 3 watts..I'm guessing. There are approximately 75 lumens per watt. I wish they would simply tell us that.

    I use a head light (really powerful) and there are several on the market at a reasonable cost. I Use them to allow my hands to be free from holding anything. I don't know what the ages of the children are but I would suggest that kind of lighting as well. Keep a supply of batteries as required.

    We have a thread somewhere that talks about this kind of lighting. There are inexpensive lights you can buy even at the Dollar Store (though I require something better).

    :bear: N.D. tend to purchase the best equipment.
  5. actadh

    actadh Pathfinder

  6. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    :thumbsup: Thank you for that...like I said there are so many choices today it's almost mind boggling. It all depends on your camping/tripping/back packing style and how much you want to spend on a very fast developing field.
  7. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    If I get a chance...I'm purchasing one of these.


    Packs Bright Beam Into Small Package
    Rugged, waterproof, and bright, the HL55 headlamp by Fenix is a workhorse of a light

    As headlamps go, the HL55 is small for its brightness. Just a couple years ago a 900-lumen light would have required a large lens, multiple LED's, and a big external battery pack on a cord.

    The Fenix, in contrast, houses all its power and light technology in a slim, 3 x 2-inch metal box. An elasticized band keeps it centered on the forehead even if you’re running hard and bouncing down a trail.

    READ MORE ON GEAR JUNKIE an excellent email free magazine.
  8. CherylTorrie

    CherylTorrie Novice Camper

    Thanks for the link Northern Dancer. The HL55 headlamp qualifies for the happyholidays20 code at check out :). The 20% off brings it down to 48.00. Maybe you can get it from Santa but be sure to tell your Santa that the code is only good for the next two days.
  9. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    @CherylTorrie - I do have an excellent headlight already - I just want another one. :( Not that I need it - I just want it.

    You might enjoy these sites - the Gear Junkie, as mentioned, AND 50 Campfires - both are free online camp magazines arrive in your mail box every month. A lot of interesting stuff, great discussion papers and written very well.

    :bear: Baden Bear here - Northern Dancer will purchase just about anything and is always on the prowl to see what's new in the market.
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