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The top 10 unique things you will love about Backcountry Lodges

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Scott A. Martin /, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. #10 The Stunning Views
    Just take a look around you..


    #9 The Fresh Baking
    The smell of it when you wake up in the lodge is so inviting.


    #8 The Lodge Life
    Everything about the lodge is just down right cozy.


    #7 The Games Rooms
    There is no shortage of games to be played with your new best friends!


    #6 The Sauna
    Its as good as it sounds after a long day in the winter outdoors.


    #5 Fireplaces
    The smell and the sound alone are relaxing and to sit by it with a cold one is easy top 5.


    #4 Dinner
    Usually always very healthy.. but forget about loosing weight, its too good.


    #3 Massage
    No need to comment its pretty obvious.


    #2 The Cookies
    Oh seriously the highlight. They never. I mean never last, usually gone by mid morning.


    #1 Hot Tub
    Nobody can deny that this has got to be the #1 best thing outside of dropping all the powder of your dreams Catskiing or Heliskiing. b.gif

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