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Using The Palomar Clinch Knot When Fishing

Discussion in 'On the Water' started by 2sweed, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    So often I hear tales of that big fish that got away, not because the line broke, but because the knot tied in the line attaching the hook slipped. Of goes the fish leaving one wondering was it the quality of the line or did I just not tie the knot right. If you tie a Palomar, the chances of that trophy fish or any fish, getting away becomes much slimmer. Thus the big one that did not get away is the story getting told around the camp fire.

    So how do you tie the Palomar knot? Follow these simple four step instructions:
    1. Make a loop in the end of the line and pass it through the eye of the hook or lure.
    2. With the hook hanging between your hands, tie a loose overhand knot in the doubled line.
    3. Pull the loop far enough out of the overhand knot to pass it over the hook or lure.
    4. Pull both the rag end and the standing line to tighten the knot and clip the tag end down to about one-quarter inch.
    An angler friend says it is the best and most reliable clinch knot he has used and never been disappointed in his catching success.

    Last edited: Dec 1, 2014
  2. happyflowerlady

    happyflowerlady Survivalist

    That is an interesting video, and it sure looks like that would be an excellent knot to use.
    I was always taught to make one that looks more like a hangman's noose, and then the loop end of the noose goes through the eye of the hook or swivel, and around the hook.
    When you have done this, it has a double line through the eye of the hook and is very secure, too. At least, I have never had one come untied.

    You do have to put the doubled line through the eye of the hook to make this knot though, but the doubled part ends up at the base of the knot so it doesn't really matter if it kinked or not. Actually, what I usually do is buy the hooks that are already on a little bit of leader, and all I have to do is clip the leader unto my swivel.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2014
  3. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    I have no idea how some people are able to memorize how to tie all kinds of different knots. I guess it all comes down to how much you use them, but for me I quickly forget after I learn a new knot. I know a few of the basic ones like a reef knot and clover hitch. But when I try to learn some of the more complicated ones, I quickly forget and end up having to refer to a book or youtube to relearn them... endless process lol
  4. happyflowerlady

    happyflowerlady Survivalist

    I am not very good with learning knots either. I learned to use a bowline knot when we had horses, and it made it a lot easier to get undone if the horse had sat back on the rope and pulled the knot tight. Other than that; tying the knot for putting on the fishing line is about the only other knot that I know how to tie besides a slip knot or a square knot. I have seen a clove hitch tied; but i do not know-how to tie it myself. My ex-husband was a power lineman, so he was pretty good with quite a few knots, and he was the one who taught me the knots that I do know.
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