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Washing cloths

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Bibsoutdoors, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    People get grossed out when I tell them I'll go camping for two weeks with just one change of cloths. But I've found the neatest little laundry mat and it only weighs in at 6 ounces. The reason I like this more than dry bags or similar items is this little gem has a built in wash board. I do socks, underwear and t-shirts in a small load and my bibs in a load by themselves. People who wear normal cloths may very well get everything into one load. It takes a small amount of water and even smaller amount of camp soap (I usually use a couple of drops only.) I agitate the cloths against the wash board for three minutes, drain the bag and put appropriate amount of rinse water in and agitate again for three minutes. Bingo. . .squeeze the water out of the cloths and hang to dry.

    This bag is called the "Scrubba Bag."



    So do you wash cloths in the campsite or change and being dirty cloths home? I'd like to hear. Bibsoutdoors

  2. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    Bring cloths home, NOT, being cloths home. I'm sorry for not proof reading. I'm starting to get very put off with myself for this and I promise to try and do better in the future.

  3. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    ...he I is :).

    I've thought of adding something like this to my equipment inventory but alas I decided against it. Why? Because all my trip clothing is made of quick dry material. Add that kind of product to soft water and walla - clean cloths in an instant. I tend to subscribe to Tilley's for socks and underwear and they have one of the finest quality traditions anywhere. More expensive of course but those 16.00 + dollars for socks? They have a life expectancy of twenty years or more.

    upload_2017-2-24_15-35-36.jpeg upload_2017-2-24_15-36-2.jpeg upload_2017-2-24_15-36-16.jpeg

    My Tilley [hat] is guaranteed for life and if I lose it? They replace it.
  4. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    Just a clarification, guaranteed for life, but, free replacement for the first two years only according to their website.

  5. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    =====> :banghead:
    Right on - thanks for the clarification. Now for something embarrassing - I lost my hat [or so I thought] and Tilley's replaced it. Ya, you guessed it - I found it when I was rummaging through some equipment. I called the company and reported the same and they said it was fine. I wondered about about their generosity and then remembered I've spent a whole lot of cash at that place. :)
  6. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    I like several of the hats they have to offer. The Sun Tech, Rain Tech, I like the ones for cold, I like the ones for hot, man a guy could do a lot of damage at that place, I mean serious pocket book damage! Very cool hats. I've never seen one place that offers 40,000 different ball caps! I'm using Outdoor Research hats at the present but when they bite the dust, I'm shopping at Tillies. The quality looks good from what I can tell and when you stop to think about buying two OR hats, you've paid for one Tillie and Tillie lasts the rest of my lifetime. You know. . .

  7. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    Tilly not Tillie, I'm sorry!

  8. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    Have you seen Tilly's Hiker Hat? If yes what are your thoughts about that little piece of equipment? What is your main hat in the canoe?

  9. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    ...the TILLEY hat that I wear the most is the Mash-up about $75.00. I can tie it down for rough weather, it keeps the rain and sun out of my face, I soak it in the drink when days are hot and sunny, it drys fast and doesn't lose it's shape or colour and it's guaranteed.

    + Tilley is a Canadian Company not to be confused with Tilly in the States. +

    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTVrBR9oyOqZvLz9JL9G-5VFxfdAr1u7DPM40FIrgatvt2m675TrA.jpg images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQgkGRWdQaJ36xDSKrLuPdKVeR_oIZmPBT54etWpPLEi_OpsqdzaQ.jpg

    When I'm on site I usually wear an OR - Outdoor Research cap that folds up nicely to fit into my Tilley shirt pocket or in my pant pocket. It easily washes and drys quickly.

    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQk65se5g1A6-dcPj2ofuHXf8XuDahzIKhJNW8KwN1glzmikT9e.jpg There are all kinds of models as one might expect.

    In terms of the Srubba? It's another product that one can use and depending how much cash you want to spend on camping equipment of any kind - go for it.

    BUT - I have a trip companion who uses his Sea to Summit dry bag to wash socks and underwear. Since I've never used either product to wash items I don't know how well either ideas work.

    upload_2017-2-25_16-18-57.jpeg Sea to Summit Dry Packs come in a variety of sizes.

    When we do serious tripping [which we don't seem to do a lot of in recent days] we use the rule - Wear One - Wash one to cut down on the extras. We are cool dudes and are never dirty, unkempt, or unshaven and we always smell purdy. Baden Powell once said, "The only people that rough it in the wilderness are the tender pads." :)


    Here is another idea for base camp that people have used. One plunger, a pail with a cover and walla - a washing machine.

    IMG_0565.jpg I still use the ol' clothes line for drying. :)

    :bear: Baden Bear here, "I have a hunch if you and killeroy were near by it wouldn't take long for the three of you to be planning a trip or two." "And ya just never know."
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  10. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    Northern Dancer, get thee hence! I just ordered. . . .

    I think this is going to beat the OR!

  11. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    Thank you. It would be fabulous.
  12. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    ...excellent choice @Bibsoutdoors, it's all a matter of preference. I like the product line because you can get something that suits your style. I have Tilley safari shirts, long and short pants, socks and one Vomp (vest of may pockets). I tell ya - I can sure look like a million dollar camper dude all thanks to my handy dandy Visa card.

    I use the OR in camp because the smoke of a cooking fire comes up under the brow of the Tilley and gives it a smokey smell. :) That's my excuse - anyway. Admittedly I have more than one hat, walking staff, tent, stove etc. etc. Groan I just gotta stop buying stuff.

    Speaking of stuff - This afternoon I finished a portable kitchen table to go with my portable kitchen counter top to go into my portable kitchen shelter. I'm sooooooo ready for the first outing in May. And this year because I was called back early last year and the year before I will be off Sunday 21st of May to Sunday 10th of September. And I ain't complainin - no how!
  13. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    Pictures. . .Pictures, we need pictures! Ha ha!

  14. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    Wow that's like 4 months! Awsome! Yes we need pictures.

    I need to check out this tilleys stuff.

    If it's hot out I'll take a dip during the day to clean off. If it's cold outside I'll sponge off. I don't keep real short hair, so hair washing when it's cold can be a trick. Most time I'm not out more than 3 or 4 days. So normally I only bath once a week anyhow........

    I keep clean clothes in the vehicle for drive home, so my wife doesn't wrinkle her nose at me to bad when I get home.
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  15. missyify

    missyify Survivalist

    I would definitely like to have something like that. I end up hand washing. Shoot I would use that at home lol.

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  16. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    Pictures, pictures we want pictures! Ha

  17. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist


    It's made it to some Postal center in New York. I look forward to getting it, it will really be something to:
    ecf797898a3588bfa9c51df16d3a5545.jpg about!

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  18. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    Oh my goodness, looks like I need to do a little howling! fcb05f6bb933963e34aee831d8c8c12d.jpg

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  19. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    =====> :)
    A good looking hat for a good looking man.
  20. Bibsoutdoors

    Bibsoutdoors Survivalist

    OOOOH, such flattery for a man so undeserving! But for your kindness, I'm going to send you every bit of the Queens money I hold! I'll not hold back so much as a brass farthing my good man!

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