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What is the Best Lightweight Backpacking Tent?

Discussion in 'Shelter' started by weekender, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. weekender

    weekender Newbie

    In the next month, I will be joining a mountain climbing activity. I will need to buy a 1- or 2-person tent that can easily be stored in a backpack but is also durable enough to last many mountain camping trips.

    For now I am looking at the Big Agnes Fly Creek Tent which features a mesh and only weighs around 2 pounds.
    Another option is the Eureka Solitaire which is a bit heavier but looks more durable.

    What would you suggest? Are there better brands that are also more economical but can meet the same demands?
  2. campforums

    campforums Founder Staff Member

    I have never seen either of those specific tents in person however I have seen a couple of Eureka tents and my opinion is that the brand is generally pretty good. The first one I don't know anything about but I would be a bit cautious of a tent that only weights 2 lbs. They tents I have weight more than that for the tarp section alone, not to mention the poles and pegs. The second tent reminds me of a toy tent I had as a kid that basically folded up and then when you opened it up some springs held it in place that looked similar to the supports on that tent. I would say that it might be alright for short camping trips that you make in good weather but I am not confident that that tent would be able to hold up to any significant rain or wind.
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  3. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    Did you read any of the consumers reports on these items? True, they are an excellent brand but it is still important to read the information outside the company testimony.

    My suggestion? :angelic: If you are deciding on a one man or two man tent - go with the two man tent - you will not regret the space. [Especially if you have a dog.]

    In terms of style - it all depends what you are looking for. Style, appearance and cost are only one measuring tool. BUT...then again it should be practicability, functionality, durability, and the cost...you get what you pay for. [Though I will not purchase a tent that is not on sale.] You should consider the seasonal use - I still prefer to go with a four season though the pros would say that may not be necessary.

    Wanna have some fun? Check these out. [There will be more than one style made by the manufacturer.]

    Sierra Designs
    L.L. Bean
    North Face
    Big Agnes

    so on
    so on!

    It has been my experience to purchase in the winter when sales are on and I can take as much time as possible to explore every option. I tend to do my own homework - because if you are like me, I have my favourites that may not always meet your need.

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  4. Sweetkymom

    Sweetkymom Newbie

    Ah man! I wish I could remember the name brand and style of the most lightweight tent I bought for my first camping trip. It was so light that I had a fear of it not fitting my husband and I, even though it said a 4 person tent. I was so wrong! It was roomier then expected and even held up in the rainy, cold weather that we camped in. I remember buying it from
    Amazon and that's it. If I can think of the name, I'll come back and edit my comment.
  5. Profit5500

    Profit5500 Explorer

    The first one on top by Big Agnes Creek Fly Tent is light and you would look like you would be able to maneuver more. The tent from Eureka looks like its more expensive and durable but it would end up hurting your back more. I would look at reviews and ask people to see which one you would want to go with.
  6. weekender

    weekender Newbie

    Thanks for the suggestions. I would recheck the available stocks that will be on sale this coming cold season as Northern Dancer suggested. I'll take note of the Eureka brand for the testimony of durability as campforums mentioned. The department store outlets will soon be going on a clearance sale and I look forward to a shopping trip for outdoor and camping gear.
  7. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    Have fun checking out the possibilities - that is what I do. As I suggested - I don't buy anything unless it is on sale. I'm just amazed at the differences in price from one establishment to another. I tend to use Cabela's as a general guide - they have a lot of product line and there are in the United States and Canada.
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