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Whаt is thе bеst slееping bаg fоr fаst pасking?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by WilliamV, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. WilliamV

    WilliamV Novice Camper

    Wеll, it dеpеnds. tесhniсаlly thе tеrm is slееp systеm аnd this rеfеrs tо аll thе things thаt yоu usе whеn slееping. Typiсаlly а slееp systеm соnsists оf thе slееping bаg, slееping сlоthеs, аnd slееping pаd. Whеn fаst pасking yоu nееd tо stаy light. I usе а Lаfumа Lightаwаy 45 it wеighs аbоut 1.5 pоunds аnd hаs 600 fill dоwn. I аlsо usе аn Еxpеd Synmаt. thе triсk is thаt yоu nееd tо wеаr lаyеrs оf сlоthеs wiсh will hеlp yоu сut dоwn оn whаt yоur slееping bаg nееds. I bоught my slееping bаg frоm my lосаl rеtаilеr аt аbоut $100. Аnоthеr mоrе еxpеnsivе оptiоn is thе Sеа tо Summit Spаrk whiсh sеlls fоr аbоut $300 аnd is rаtеd fоr аbоut 45 dеgrееs. Wеighing in аt аbоut 13 оunсеs it соntаins 850 dеgrее dоwn аnd pасks dоwn intо аbоut а sоftbаll. Bе surе tо gеt а gооd insulаtеd slееping pаd whiсh will kееp yоu wаrmеr in соldеr соnditiоns.

    Whаt dо yоu think аbоut it?
  2. killeroy154

    killeroy154 Survivalist

    Hey WilliamV, that stuff sounds a little beyond my scope. If I was going to do some serious backpack camping, then the smaller and lighter you can get is a plus. I purchased a military mummy style bag off ebay. I have never slept in a mummy bag before, so I was curious if I would like it.

    I found out on my last camping trip that I realy don't do well in a bag that I can't move around in, and I mean toss and turn. It was maybe mid 40's F during the nights, so I had to unzip bag about half way down, and covered up with a wool blanket. Slept like a baby after that. I thought about cutting the bag down the side, and removing the zipper, and turning it into a blanket.

    I have always heard down is excellent as long as it doesn't get wet. I have thought about ordering the material and down, and making myself a camping blanket. Make good project for me.

    Work LeSS CAmp MoRe
  3. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    Nice to see you online @WilliamV!

    there is no best sleeping bag.

    Your sleep system will depend on the conditions and climate you find yourself in. I doubt that I would be using an arctic bag in the swamps of Florida. Each bag purchased will have "good and bad" depending what you plan to use it for.

    :mad: I find that sleeping bags or overpriced and the data attached (in the country, at least) do not give sufficient information - it's about selling the product. A lot of stuff comes from China.

    For what it is worth I have four different types of sleeping bags - winter (with pad) three season, one season and one ultra light for backpacking.

    One good thing is that there are a variety of materials that one can select from and some of the old stuff, though good in its day do not have to be purchased anymore. :)
  4. Faust

    Faust Explorer

    Down filled sleeping bags are lighter and compress smaller than synthetic.
    Synthetic still insulates when wet (barely!!), dries quicker, requires a little less care and should be a little less expensive.

    I sweat, a lot, so I need a synthetic. Girlfriend uses down filled. We live in an extremely dry area so it comes down to personal preference (AKA Comfy factor).
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