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Whats In Your Pack, May I Ask?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by 2sweed, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. 2sweed

    2sweed Natural Camper Staff Member

    In this video BetweentheBlazes, shares what he has in his pack and how he packs it. He includes a short insert on the foods he made for his winter camping & hiking trip. He also shares lots of humor and downright interesting knowledge.

    Please share your thoughts and comments below.

  2. In this video I share what's in my pack - unpack and repack it - babbling all the way . . .
  3. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist


    Are you ready for this? [Speaking of Babbling... :) ]

    ****Solo Canoe Trip Gear for June 20th...****
    :bear: Keep in mind that all the equipment is compact and designed for canoe tripping.

    Yellow Safety Bag Attached to Canoe Thwart
    Painters, throw line, sponge & bailing can, help flag, duct tap, extra glasses, shoe laces & I.D. information.

    Grey Canoe Pack
    Umbrella, rake, primus stove & fuel, fire lighter/starter, rope bags, wash basin, base camp water filter system, silicone tarp with guy lines & stakes, pen & pad, Benedictine Prayer Book, hiker's table & chair, water bucket, bear spray, blue garbage carry out bag, first aid kit, motion light, hatchet, night bottle, CD/Radio player with earphones, Personal pennant, work gloves, *dry shoes/water shoes, sling shot & ammo, sleeping bag & pillow.
    Dog Stuff
    Bowls, towel, & shampoo.

    Small Barrel
    2 socks, 1 underwear, 1 T-shirt, 1 Canada sweater, 1 toque, 1 long pant, jacket, camp towel, toilet paper, personal kit, head light & extra batteries, camera & extra batteries, & medication.

    Blue Medium Size Barrel with bear bell attached
    Condiments Pack - sugar, coffee, tea, creamer, salt, butter, gravy mix, syrup, cooking oil, squeeze fruit mix, snacks & popcorn.
    Mess kit, t-towel, utensils, cooking pots & kettle set.
    Food Package for Three Nights and Four Days.
    1 Supper - Knorr Chicken Noodles, Butter, Harvest Foodworks Diced Chicken, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Freeze dried strawberries.
    2 Breakfast - Bacon, Eggs, Salt, Butter, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar.
    2 Lunch - Tex Made Veggie Ground & Spaghetti, Coffee, Cream, Sugar.
    2 Supper - Corn on the Cob, Butter, Bannock Bread, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Freeze dried pears.
    3 Breakfast - Pan Cakes, Syrup, Bacon, Butter, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar.
    3 Lunch - Potato Soup, Milk, Crackers, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar.
    3 Supper - MRE complete meal, Butter, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar.
    4 Breakfast - Breakfast package milk shake.
    4 Lunch - Cook House Haliburton Forest.
    Dog - food and cookies.

    I dunno - do I qualify? images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQiHlGgpzo2Ee8pV4tjCgH4OjCdwJc8Fabx-VurjBL5aF301n5F.jpg

  4. jc banks

    jc banks Novice Camper

    I cheat I have a trail cart from when the kids was little I use to carry my stuff, inside it we have a army issue bag.it holds about 80 pounds. I don’t camp in the winter any more my old bones don’t take it, I do still have two toy poodles who camp with me.

    I take a sleeping bag made for two on the bottom so its the last thing I take out. On top of that we have dry shoes and our dry socks two pairs at least for a day trip. Extra pants and two shirts one warm and one lighter. Extra coat in case we get wet, poncho to keep off rain. Tarp and twine just in case. Our tent, folding shovel, hatchet, pocket saw, and then food and snacks, and our water as well as a water bottle on our fanny packs. The dogs have their own small packs with a water bottle each and food as well as a phone number and contact info. They also have rain gear and boots as trails can be hard on their feet too.

    For food we carry coffee, sugar, cream, I like my cream . We also have malt o meal and or oats, for hot breakfasts, pancake mix, butter, we carry dried foods, meat and dehydrated vegetables for soup or to make meals of, as well as some instant potatoes. And power bars and fruit snacks.
  5. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

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