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WOLVES - a page from my journal

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Northern Dancer, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    I'm suffering a bit from separation anxiety.
    Separation from the lakes and the rivers and the streams.
    When that happens or when life is a bit rough I take down a journal and
    read of some trip I've taken the past. I did that this evening and read this.....

    It was just about dusk at our camp site on Big Porcupine Lake.
    The evening's dinner dishes had been meticulously washed and put away.
    The food scrapes were burned as not to attract unwelcome animal visitors
    and the camp fire had been built for the evening.
    There wasn't any discussion; it was that peaceful lull in
    the day before night fall when people felt quite comfortable in saying nothing.

    I took the opportunity to groom my Golden Retriever, Blazer,
    who had long sandy hair that attracted every burr and
    plant that could possibly stick to fur. He enjoyed the grooming routine
    and stretched out willingly on the rock that had been heated by the warmth of the sun.

    It was like someone suddenly turned the CD system on full blast
    when you were least expecting it.
    Everyone, including Blazer were instantly on their feet at the first piercing sound.
    It was clear, precise, penetrating and wonderful.

    It was the distinctive call of the wild; it was the howl of the wolf.
    It instantly reminded me of the stories from
    Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book and Jack London's Call of the Wild.
    The howls in concert drifted through the camp and beyond our site.

    The wolves did not stop howling from the setting of the sun
    until the rising of the same the next day.
    Never in all my years of camping in Algonquin
    have I ever heard such a complete performance
    staged by these majestic creatures.

    Though there is a population of approximately
    one hundred and seventy five wolves that inhabit Algonquin
    this was my first experience being thrilled by the primitive sound of a wolf.

    It was the first and only time that I have experience this.


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  2. missyify

    missyify Survivalist

    Wow, that sounds like it would've been awesome.

    While I would like to experience that, I'm envisioning a stampede of 5 children trying to scramble to the van for "safety". My daughter had a conversation with an owl on our last trip and my step son was not ok with that lol. I should've explained they're cute like a Pokemon or something.

    Sorry to mess up your beautiful journal entry... Perhaps when I'm an empty nester I'll have similar experiences, but I have a long way to go for that and I'm enjoying the antics.

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  3. Northern Dancer

    Northern Dancer Survivalist

    ...aw yes - it is the thrill for those of us who carry pack and paddle. I suppose that is one of the main reasons why I canoe - there is so much to see and we can get a lot closer too. Over the years I've seen moose, beaver and deer. On one occasion I was static when a deer came closer to me and took a Naan (flat bread) out of my hand to eat. When I'm out I feel I'm one of, rather than the main one, or the only one in the wilderness. I'm merely a part of the greater creation and this miraculous order. It is all so marvellous and spectacular it takes one's breath away.

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